Win a Dell XPS 15z for Designing on the Road!

by on 26th July 2011 with 44 Comments

Update: We’ve chosen a winner, and congratulations are in order to Dawn Costen. We’ll be in touch soon to arrange where to send your prize. Thank you to everyone who took part, and be sure to follow us on Twitter to find out when we launch our next competition!

I’m excited to let you know that we’re launching another great competition today for our UK readers, giving you the chance to get your hands on a brand new laptop from Dell. The XPS 15z is their thinnest ever notebook – perfect for getting on with some design or development work on the road. Read on to find out how to take part – entering only takes a few seconds!

About the XPS 15z

A few months ago, Dell introduced the XPS 15z laptop, the thinnest 15-inch PC on the planet, and the first in a series of new thin and ultra-powerful products from Dell to come this year.

With the XPS 15z, everyone from mobile warriors to students and small-business owners now have everything they need to work hard and play hard in one stunning package:

The laptop offers a beefy eight hour battery life, 2nd-generation Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors, all housed in a luxurious, eye-catching and elegantly crafted case that is less than an inch thick.

Usually priced from $999, the XPS 15z, like all XPS computers, is designed and built from the ground up to provide a premium computing experience with the best materials, technology, performance and reliability Dell offers.

Today is your chance to get your hands on the brand new XPS 15z free! For more information, you can read the full press release, or check out the tech specs!

Submit Your Entry

Entering the competition is super-easy. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post, letting us know what you’d like to do on your new laptop! The competition opens now, and runs until midnight GMT on the 2nd August.

You have to be a UK resident, aged 18 or over to enter – sorry to our other international readers, but we’ll have another giveaway for you soon!

Comments & Discussion


  • jennifer willoughby

    id love to win this laptop because i would love to set up a media centre connected to my tv so i could store all my dvds and music on one place that would be great!

  • Alex Constnatin

    Faster Photoshop Magic even on a treetop!

  • Mark G

    I have a two hour commute each day, and I’m trying to teach myself webdesign and create websites for friends so I can break free of the corporate world.

    It would be great to be able to do this without having to lug round a huge bag, and to have such a powerful computer at my fingertips.

  • jess

    I would love to win this lap top so i could get rid of my bits and pieces computer. then learn something useful like webdesign

  • b0b

    I would edit some fotos and write some articles for my blog on the go.. !! yay!!

  • Belgarath

    Travel Europe. Take, store and edit photos, update social sites and a blog of my experiences. Landscapes of the Alps, macros of flowers in Spain, shots of the night-life in Stockholm. Perhaps watch a film if there is time and battery spare… could be an adventure!

  • anton

    design my wedding invites from inspiration I find by reading design shack of course!

  • Paul Sproat

    With this laptop, I would cycle around town, booting from my favourite views, and gain inspiration for designs from what I can see! @PaulSproat

  • Jen

    I’d love to win this as a surprise present for my boyfriend, he’s currently working from a yellowed desktop featuring a whopping 700MB of RAM (!) as his laptop died a few months ago.

  • Megan Tiffany

    I would love to design some awesome websites on this computer!!!

  • Giuseppe

    Enter more design shack competitions with it…

  • Paul B

    I’d like to use this laptop to help me create more creative solutions and to demo my work to prospective clients aswell as show them this snazzy laptop!

  • Josh

    With my new laptop I would to be one of those guys that sit in Starbucks with their laptops, typing on their laptops.

    I would do it with my current laptop but it’s too heavy and un-cool to be carrying around with me.

  • Mark Petherbridge

    I would love this laptop for several reasons;

    1) My old one is currently suffering from many damages – being a student at a party some tool spilt scrumpy jacks on it :@ – I now have to use an external keyboard and mouse :(

    2) I would look after it, cherish it and abide by the vows of marriage (can we marry?) til the day I die.

    3) I see it, I want it. it is cor blimey sexy is it not?

    4) Next year I am travelling to china to walk the great wall in aid of Amnesty International ( and I need a new powerful friend to get me through, record my thoughts and upload my pictures.

    For now, that is all. :)

  • Matt

    I’d use it to finish one of the dozen half built websites I have got lying around!

  • Omar

    I’d set it up as a media server at home

  • Roman

    I would look forward to start fresh…after working with the same laptop for exactly 3 years now, it would probably feel like learning to walk again…if you know what I mean?

  • Daniel

    I would use it to watch skateboard fail videos.

  • Jake M

    I would use it to rule the universe and by ‘rule the universe’ I mean go to the corner coffee shop and fuel my addictions for adobe illustrator and caffeine.

  • Riaan

    Aside from using it in my web development company where pretty code gets written and nice pictures are designed, I’ll also endeavour to:

    — Travel to remote African villages in the hopes of doing a homemade version of “cowboys and aliens” (using the mouse as an alien blaster bracelet);

    — Play battleship with strangers on the tube;

    — Allow my wife to use its screen as a mirror to check her make-up (sigh.);

    — Press the “eject dvd” button, enthusiastically screaming “I won! I Won!”;

    — Attempt to get a Guinness Record by running at least 100 USB hubs off of it with a coffee-cup warmer; and

    — Introduce it to my (few) friends as HAL 9000 (From the movie Space Odyssey).

    This laptop could make all of this possible: think of the possibilities.

  • Tim Gummer

    While I enjoy uber fab desktop machinations, i really, really need to get out of the building a bit – and frankly, dellicious though it was once was, my ancient 520 Latitude doesn’t allow me the confidence to far enough to get some badly needed photonic tonic. With this exquisitely portable powerhouse of unparalleled pixelpushing potential.. cabin fever will be canned, my derelict folio finally focussed on, and countless code libraries will fall under my command, intimidated by the sheer awesomeness (in the best, old school sense of the word) of my new found friend.

    Actually, in my other guise as an advocate of the greatest design accomplishment of the last millenium: I speak here of the humble bicycle; what I really want to do is travel to rapidly emerging successful cycling societies.  Cities in Hungary and Spain are most dramatically successful, with 100% growth, per year over 5 years, but they are, and I kid you not, damned hard to research over the interwebs. I plan to blog’n vlog the hell out of those super civilized cycle riders, research, interview, document on the spot, and bring a bunch of great ideas, and crucially highly visual stories, back to my car crazy hometown. This cannot happen, without a Dell XPS15z, in particular one as pictured above.

  • Matt Flood

    I’d replace my aging but beloved Sony Vaio and finally start the writing blog I’ve been thinking about for the past year. I’d also install Visual Studio and teach myself to program C++ properly!

  • Danielle C

    I design for non-profits and small business start ups and THIS would be perfect for trucking around whilst making the world a better place, because (a) it is free and (b) it is also free.

    Also… live-streaming chickens going about their chicken business. You know you want to see….

  • jo b

    I’d use it to start a new business with my aussie friends :)

  • Debby Price

    would love this laptop to do all my spreadsheets at home plus do all the other stuff I can’t do now on this dinosaur of a computer!

  • Luke

    I want a powerful enough laptop to be able to make music anywhere that I am. I’m tired of only using a desktop machine as creativity gets you at random moments, and being limited to one space often drains it all out.

  • Daniel

    I would use the computer to Skype with everyone back home, because sadly I would need to change my official residency to be eligible…I know the U.S. and the U.K. have a long and somewhat bumpy history, but now is not the time to latch on to the negative! Maybe I could also use the computer to run a campaign of partnership and understanding between the United Kingdom and the United States. It could be called “We are ‘United’.” (Other options are “‘U’ is for United,” “‘United’ Unites Us,” a.k.a. the UUU or U3, “The Union of the United” or “The United Union”, etc.)

  • Dawn Costen

    I would love this so that my other half can show customers the website he has designed for them on something flash and swish rather than the clunky/guts hanging out..CRT Monitored set up that he is still sporting at present!

    Even more wonderful would be the fact he can travel with this wonderful piece of modern machinery to various places and actually show them in the comfort of their own home! Wow ain’t technology just great! ;-)

    Seriously though this laptop is extremely beautiful and would look even better sat on the desk in our office!lol

  • Adrian Rice

    Checked out the specs on the XPS 15z laptop and it seems it’s as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.

    Sweet as!

    Q. What would I do with it?
    A. Everything; and look super stylish while doing it.

  • Mike Stirrat

    Very Nice Laptop, looks like a winner, something I’d love to win!

  • Yo Yehudi

    I’d love to have this laptop, to use during my train portion of the train/cycle commute I have to work everyday, and get a chance to kickstart my life as a freelancer :)

  • Sammi

    I’m just about to finish my last year at University. When I graduate I’m hoping to eventually because a full time freelance web designer/developer.

    I don’t currently own a laptop so continuing my work from home when my PC is at University is practically impossible. I can see that the situation will persist when I finish Uni as I’ll be moving around seeing where I want to settle. It would be nice to have a laptop to help me with this. Hopefully it would also help me forge my career quicker too. :)

  • Neil

    Well since my laptop died on me outside of warranty and seemingly is not fixable without an expensive repair job which i cannot afford I would do the following with the new one:

    * Start it up in less than the 2 minutes+ this aging desktop starts in :)
    * Leave it on for more than 4 hours without it overheating!
    * START PHOTOSHOP! (I really don’t dare try it on this pc, chrome is taxing enough :D)
    And finally…
    * Sit and stare dreamilly at its shiny shiny magnificence, perhaps with a small amount of drool.. no no, no drool.. Honest.

  • Catalina

    I would love to give this laptop as a gift to my girlfriend, her computer just broke down yesterday, it would be perfect timing!

  • Dawn Angileri

    I would probably would give it to my son for college (after I played around with it for a while….errr mean after I tested it out and made sure it was ok.)

  • George Marshall

    New York, Paris, Peckham, what Dell Boy wouldn’t want to get his hands on what looks like an amazing laptop!

    Consider me entered!

  • James

    Well working in the 3D design business I would say using high end software to achieve professional results would be my aim and this certainly has the ability to do that quickly and painlessly. Main software would be Autocad, Google SketchUp,3rd party rendering software,Photoshop and hopefully job done!

  • Geoff

    My old HP is on its last legs, a new ‘bobby dazzler’ will keep me on-line, help to keep me up to speed with a world that that gets a bit younger every day. Most of all it will keep my sweetheart happy with me, ‘cos she will be able to carry on shopping.

  • David Williamson

    The Dell XPS would become my best and thinnest friend. I’d load him up with Adobe CS5 and take him to work with me coaxing his i5 cpu to produce all sorts of digital goodness. At the end of a long day we’ll relax in front of the sofa and stream music or dvd movies to our TV. Every once in a while, we’ll go on holiday, recharge our batteries, and wirelessly keeping connected with our friends. He’ll be a lifelong companion and one of the family.

  • Sarah D

    i’d use this laptop to keep in touch with friends and family, my current laptop is ancient and slower than a snail on a caffeine rush, so it would be used for sharing photos, videos, emails with my friends and family across the pond!

  • hari

    sir i bought new dell laptop xps l502x
    all software was installed but adobe cs5 master collection was not installing sir …
    why? did my machine mistake or software mistake..
    rep;; me sir pls……

  • Rachel

    I would LOVE to win as I can tell my MacBook is slowly dying (it keeps getting hotter and hotter, and slower and slower…) so it’d be brilliant to have this laptop around for all the freelance work I do and to have it so portable is a bonus!! :)

  • Marilize

    Why I need a laptop.

    Imagine the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the air of the local coffee shop. Professional business men with their pressed, pin-striped suits dotted around the room. Young, innovative web-tech geeks staring at their laptop screens. Both going about their business deals. The atmosphere is alive and buzzing with new ideas and it’s the place to be seen.

    And then, in the corner, you see this guy…

    This is why I need a laptop.

  • Timothy

    Right now I have a 60MB Excel file from one client and 2GB of photos to edit for another. With this laptop, I’d actually be able to get these things done instead of drinking while I wait for things to run.


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