PixelKit: Lifetime Subscription


This set of 27 kits includes a plethora of design assets sure to bring your projects to the next level. Use access to new graphics and about 3,000 icons to build and profit from stylish templates like WordPress themes, create websites for clients, and construct engaging mobile applications.

The HTML kits are built on Bootstrap platforms, making the building process as simple and effortless as possible.

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UI/UX Designer Bundle


In this UI/UX design bundle of courses from Udemy, you’ll receive over 25+ hours of UX training to help you delight your users with a fantastic experience when using your product, website, or app. Here’s what the courses cover:

  • User Experience by The Numbers
  • Optimize Your Digital Products with User Testing
  • Put Your Customers First: Be A UX Champion Course
  • Build Habit-Forming Products Course
  • User Experience Design Fundamentals Course

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Immersive User Experience Bundle


From UI design to prototyping and A/B testing, this deal gives you six courses and 24 hours of content that teach you how to optimize an interface. Here’s the collection of courses on offer:

  • Foundation 5: Responsive Design & Rapid Prototyping
  • Mobile and Web Rapid Prototyping: Interaction, Animation
  • Framer.js: Innovative Prototyping & Design
  • Optimization & A/B Testing Statistics
  • Build a Testing Program: CRO, MVT, & A/B Testing Theory
  • Advanced Copywriting Strategies for Online Sales

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User Engagement Design Course


This engaging course will teach you about people, how they think, decide, remember and what motivates them to take action and increase your conversion.

You’ll receive access to 83+ lectures and 5+ hours of content, and learn the psychology that applies to behavior when people use websites, apps or other technology products. Quizzes and exercises help you practice what you’ve learned, and you’ll also receive a certification of completion!

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