What’s Included?


Design for Conversions, by Brian Casel

Staring at a blank screen, trying to design a compelling site for my business, all I could think about was other designers who make it look so easy.

Then I learned the foundational principles of design, which gave me the building blocks I needed to become a more productive designer/marketer.

I’m writing Design For Conversions to teach design to those who see it as a means to an end: To create landing pages and marketing sites that you’re proud to show off to the world, but (more importantly), produce results for your business.

Gather the People, by Sarah J. Bray

Gather the People is a human-centered approach to making and marketing for people who would rather make what they love than persuade people to buy it.

It is for those of us who embrace the art of what we do, and believe in loving people well, while desiring to make sustainable work without compromising who we are.

Everything I Know, by Paul Jarvis

The last thing the world needs is another “get-rich-like-me,” self-proclaimed expert on what it takes to work for yourself. Anti-guru Paul Jarvis has written Everything I Know as a no-rules guide through uncharted territory with stories based on his two decades of freelancing. It’s a swift kick in the creative ass without fairies, unicorns or new-age clichés.

…And Much More!

  • Growth Pirate, by Liam Gooding
  • Charge Up, by Claire Deane & Allie Lehman
  • Creativity for Sale, by Jason Surfrapp
  • The Good Creative, by Paul Jarvis
  • Product Hunt Handbook, by Justin Jackson
  • Email Field Guide, by David Sparks
  • Three Pipe Problems, by Jason VanLue
  • Build & Launch, by Justin Jackson
  • Growth Robot, by Bronson Taylor

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