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Check Out Design Shack on Your Mobile Device With Google Currents

Great news! Design Shack is hitting your tablet and smartphone in a big way with Google Currents, a beautiful and free newsreader app for iOS and Android. With just a quick click or tap, you can get a daily dose of design goodness delivered right to your Google Currents feed. Read on to see how!

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What is Google Currents?

Google Currents is a simple, gorgeous and of course free way to read nicely formatted versions of articles from your favorite publications. Hit up the Google Currents site and download the Android or iOS version today.


Design Shack on Google Currents


Now to the good stuff! How do you get Design Shack on Google currents? Simply go to this page and click the subscribe button. That’s it!

After that, open up Google Currents on your iOS or Android device and you’ll see a Design Shack icon that will serve as a gateway to a ton of great design tutorials, inspiration and discussion. What’re you waiting for? Go get it!