What Does Membership Offer?

Exclusive Benefits & Discounts

We’ve been working hard on partnerships with a selection of fantastic companies, to offer some amazing discounts and benefits to our members. From website platforms and domain names, to design resources and eBooks. We have dozens of fantastic partners on board so far, and we’re adding new products and services every week.


Here’s a small selection of our favourite membership benefits so far. Take a look around Creative VIP to see the full selection of benefits before deciding whether to join:

  • An extended 3-month trial for Backblaze
  • 10% off a Smashing Library subscription
  • 10% off any Squarespace plan
  • Discounted .com domains from Name.com
  • 35% off any purchase from Inkd.com
  • 30% off any Pixeno hosting plan
  • 20% off TextExpander for Mac

For most of our members, just using one or two of these benefits has covered the cost of their entire year’s membership to Creative VIP!

450+ Design Resources

We’ve bundled together a huge collection of fantastic design resources, and made them incredibly easy for our members to download and enjoy. Interface elements, website templates, icons, graphics, textures, and much more — all just a couple of clicks away. Here are a few examples to whet your appetite:


Incredible Creative Goodie Bags


There are two types of membership available. Standard membership gives you access to all our partner benefits, resources, and online features. With an Elite membership, you get the added bonus of an amazing creative goodie bag on your doorstep (which we’re having a lot of fun sending out!)

Notebooks, pens, gadgets — everything that a respectable creative geek cares far too much about.

Our goodie bags are a fun way to try out new products that you might not have discovered before. You’ll receive one goodie bag when joining, then another every year.


Save 25% as a Design Shack Reader!

As a Design Shack reader, we’d like to give you a discount on a Creative VIP membership. If you sign up in the coming week, you’ll save 25% on either a standard or an elite membership (and the lower price is locked in forever).

We’d love to welcome you as a member, and have you join us on our journey to offer an amazing experience for the creative community. You’ll love everything we have in store for you.