The Basic Idea

By reading Design Shack, you’ve helped us grow and become an important player in the design community and we’d like to give back by helping you out with your real-world projects.

Through the Design Dilemma program we will be offering completely free advice on how everything from how to get started with that very first step of a project all the way to how to tweak your design and make it amazing.

Still confused? Here are some typical questions we expect to see:

  • I’m building a website for a mechanic and don’t even know where to start with the design and layout, here are some details… Can you help?
  • Here is a logo design I’ve been working on, it’s a good start but I don’t think it’s quite there yet, any suggestions?
  • I’m building a flyer for a business and need some quality photos, can you help me out?

Keep in mind that we have no intention of doing free work to put designers out of a job but instead want to focus this service towards professional or even amateur designers looking for a bit of help on a project. We all get burned out occasionally and we know from experience it really helps to have someone give you a little push in the right direction.

How Will You Answer?

There are two primary ways that we will answer Design Dilemmas. If it’s something small, we might just shoot you back an email with a few suggestions. However, for the most part we’ll be looking for topics that can help out not just the person asking for help but all our readers. This means we’ll be turning Design Dilemmas into full-blown instructional articles and tutorials.

Keep in mind that since this is a completely free service, we will not be answering every request we receive. Instead, we’ll sort through the submissions and look for good candidates for the program.

How Is This Different Than a Design Critique?

First of all, our Web Design Critique program is only for websites. Design Dilemmas on the other hand, can be about anything from color schemes to business cards.

Furthermore, since Design Critiques are paid, you are guaranteed an article outlining our suggestions (or at least a refund if we for some reason opt to pass). With a Design Dilemma however, as I mentioned above, you are not guaranteed a response. If you want some guaranteed advice, be sure to apply for a paid Web Design Critique, if you’re curious to see whether or not we can help with your problem free of charge, submit your Design Dilemma.

Awesome! Where Do I Start?

Head on over to our Design Dilemma page and tell us about your project. If we think it’s a good topic, we’ll contact you and go from there.

Again, we really hope this can be a way for us to give back to a community that has been incredibly generous to us. Thanks for reading and we look forward to your submissions!