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Accessibility - Page 3

Advice on how to make your websites and design projects perfectly accessibile to any person, device, or place.

Accessibility / 31 Jul 2007

Custom 404 Error Page

The standard 404 error page can often be really frustrating for readers. Using a simple .htaccess file can allow you to customise your error page, and ensure that users are displayed a useful alternative.

Accessibility / 26 Jul 2007

Cross Browser Testing (Mac)

Many web professionals use Apple’s OSX for design and despite what you may think, it’s not difficult to test your website in the big three browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. This article talks you through how to easily test your site and gain access to these browsers on a Mac.

Accessibility / 16 Jul 2007

The Basics of Semantics

Semantics is a word which strikes fear into many a designer’s heart, but it need not be a difficult or complicated topic. It concerns meaningful expression, avoiding presentational markup and using appropriate and meaningful tags where possible.

Essentially, designing and writing HTML code in a semantic way is as simple as keeping your HTML concerned with the content of the page and not the layout. Some of the simple steps below will help you to ensure that you stay semantically pleasing to search engines, spiders and visitors

Accessibility / 30 May 2007

Ten Tips for Accessible Websites

We all know that building accessible designs is important, but how many of us really take it into account when crafting a site? Here are some simple and effective steps for making your site accessible for everyone.

Accessibility / 15 May 2007

What Is Web Accessibility?

Everyone needs to have an idea of what web accessibility is, and how they can make their site available to everyone. It’s not just about catering for disabled users, but to anyone with a web connection. Ignoring web accessibility is shooting yourself in the foot, alienating large numbers of potential readers.