6 Responsive Device Mockups

6 Responsive Device Mockups
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The smart object feature allows for commendable ease-of-use.

With this set of six device mockups, you can showcase your website, app, or digital project in style. This pack boasts authentic Apple device visuals, featuring the iconic iMac, MacBook, iPhone, and iPad. Each device comes with a cleanly separated mockup, presented in high-resolution 3000 x 2000 px, for professional and realistic digital representation.

One of the stand-out features of this collection is its versatility. You can use these device mockups in any context, from website landing pages to investor pitch decks. They're designed for easy customization, with smart tools for effortless editing of background and device screen content. So, whether you want to blend the mockups seamlessly into a themed webpage or isolate them for a minimalist look, these mockups have you covered.

The 6 Responsive Device Mockups also help designers cut corners without compromising on quality. With six distinct PSD files included, you can create a cohesive digital responsive design showcase. The pack saves you time in creating or sourcing individual mockups and ensures all your device presentations share the same sleek, black aesthetic.

Details & Features

  • 6 Separate High Resolution .PSD Files
  • Device Set Includes iMac, MacBook, iPhone, and iPad Mockups
  • Smart Object Integration for Easy Editing
  • 3000 x 2000px Resolution
  • Possibility to Use with Custom Background or Isolated
  • All Files with 300DPI for Professional Standard
  • Black Device Models for Modern Aesthetic

Why We Like It

We're particularly impressed by the 6 Responsive Device Mockups for its high definition, realism, and adaptability. The smart object feature allows for commendable ease-of-use. These mockups don’t just give designers an efficient way to showcase their work, they add a polished, professional look that invariably boosts the perceived value of digital projects.