Bastille Font

Bastille Font
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Bastille is a typeface that draws on the future.

Bastille is a typeface that draws on the future. Its design is reminiscent of the distinct aesthetic seen in the Blade Runner movies, lending it a futuristic, edgy appeal. Available in both regular and italic styles, this font really comes into its own when used for creative projects.

A delightfully modern and versatile choice, Bastille can truly transform your design work. It is ideal for a broad spectrum of projects - from crafting captivating quotes to setting the perfect tone for blog headers. Whether you’re looking to enhance your wedding invites or fashion branding, Bastille offers a novel and attractive effect.

Its suitability does not end there, Bastille also extends its charm to posters, logos, apparel designs, or book covers. With its unique design and comprehensive range, it is indeed a valuable addition to any designer's toolkit.

Details & Features

  • Bastille Regular (OTF & WOFF)
  • Bastille Italic (OTF & WOFF)
  • Inspired by Blade Runner movies
  • Perfect for quotes and blog headers
  • Great for branding and fashion designs
  • Suitable for wedding, logo, and stationery designs.

Why We Like It

Bastille is much more than a font, it's an asset that revolutionizes the visuals. The Blade Runner inspiration is not merely an aesthetic choice, but a full-blown mood-setter. Every letter is a step into the future, making Bastille the perfect choice for those looking to stand out.