Burford Outline Font

Burford Outline Font
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Burford is a font family that was created by a designer who was inspired by the unique typography found throughout Europe. The designer spent hours in Amsterdam’s Vondel Park sketching characters, and upon returning to the United States, digitized Burford to create a beautiful layer-based font.

The Burford Pro package includes 18 layering fonts, including 5 base layers, 3 top layers, 5 bottom layers, and 2 sets of graphic elements. These layers are designed to work together seamlessly, making it easy for users to create cohesive designs. The package also includes a set of stylistic alternatives for some letters.

The Burford Extras set includes around 100 total elements per set and are designed to complement the varying styles of Burford perfectly. The set includes banners, borders, corners, arrows, line breaks, catchwords, anchors, and many more.

Features of This Font

  • Serif family
  • 18 layering fonts
  • Stylistic alternatives for some letters
  • Banners, borders, corners, arrows, line breaks, catchwords, anchors and many more elements included

Why We Like It

Burford has a modern and minimalistic aesthetic. The font is characterized by its clean, straight lines and simple shapes. The slightly condensed letterforms and the lack of serifs give the font a contemporary and elegant look that is well-suited for a wide range of design projects.

The package is intended for users who do not have access to advanced design programs and are unable to use the layering effect.