Cheer Animated Handwriting After Effects Template

This means you don't need to drag every single letter into the timeline.

The Cheer Animated Handwriting After Effects Template imparts a personal and engaging touch to your digital projects. Made to bring a unique style to your presentations or videos, this template enables you to create authentic handwriting animations for various scenes. It’s perfect for crafting eye-catching title scenes, intros, promotional videos and even lower thirds for social media or YouTube content.

This template adds life to your typographical compositions with its animated Typeface, Cheer. Whether you're creating a heartfelt greeting card, splashy intro, or informative lower thirds, the Cheer Typeface amplifies your message with elegant charm. The animation is on a slow 60 frame per second pace that allows flexibility in writing speed. With this feature, you can adjust the writing pace from extremely slow and detailed to impressively rapid without any compromise on quality.

The Cheer Animated Handwriting Template stands out with its EasyType script functionality. This means you don't need to drag every single letter into the timeline. Instead, you can write your entire text in a textbox and the script imports all the components you need just with a single click. To help you get started, this template includes a video tutorial that guides you through the process.

Details & Features

  • Elegant handwriting animation effects
  • Customizable writing pace
  • Included EasyType script for simplified usage
  • Ideal for titles scenes, intros, promo videos, and lower thirds
  • 60 frame-per-second animation
  • Comprehensive video tutorial
  • Beautiful animated Typeface, Cheer

Why We Like It

We’re big fans of the Cheer Animated Handwriting After Effects Template. It boosts the visual quality of any digital project with its sophisticated handwriting animation. Its versatility in usage, ease of application with the one-click EasyType script, and adjustable writing pace make it a must-have tool in your creative arsenal.