Planeta Minimal Website Template for Sketch

Offering 15 customizable content blocks, its design is both versatile and functional.

Look no further than the Planeta Minimal Website Template for Sketch if you wish to launch your brand in the digital space with style and impact. This template caters to modern brands, with an aesthetic that encapsulates simplicity and sophistication. With five distinct homepage designs, it provides flexibility, allowing you to align your website’s visual ambiance with your brand's unique vibe.

A stand-out quality of Planeta is its suitability for tech startups and agencies. Offering 15 customizable content blocks, its design is both versatile and functional. Planeta enables you to smoothly navigate and manipulate your content structure, ensuring your landing page is crisp, engaging, and informative. As the online face of your business, Planeta guarantees a clean, professional online representation.

The Planeta Minimal Website Template also understands the growing needs of an emerging business; hence it comes pre-loaded with a business landing page. This feature is tailored to startups, combining design elements vital for communicating a startup's ethos, initiatives, and services. It seamlessly manages to bridge the design aspect with the business functionality, marking its brilliance.

Details & Features

  • 5 unique homepage designs
  • Customizable 15 content blocks
  • Designed for tech startups and agencies
  • Business landing page for startups
  • Seamless navigation and clean aesthetics
  • High resolution
  • Free Google Fonts (Karla)

Why We Like It

Planeta Minimal Website Template is a blend of simplicity, flexibility, and functionality that serves multiple design needs. We value its pre-made homepages, custom content blocks, and high resolution, all of which contribute to making a sleek, professional website. The business landing page feature is particularly beneficial for startups, making Planeta a resourceful tool for online brand building.