60+ Best iPad & iPad Pro Mockup Templates

Showcase your mobile designs with our iPad and iPad Pro mockup templates. Perfect for presenting app interfaces or digital artwork. These templates provide a realistic preview of your designs on Apple's tablets.

FAQs About iPad & iPad Pro Mockup Templates

What is an iPad & iPad Pro Mockup Template?

An iPad & iPad Pro mockup template is a digital model used by designers to overlay and preview their designs on an image of an iPad or iPad Pro. It gives you a realistic preview of how the design would look on an actual device. These templates often provide different angles and views of the device, allowing for a comprehensive presentation of your design concept.

They are highly useful for designers who are designing apps, websites, or other digital features specifically for iPads. It gives clients, team members and other stakeholders a tangible look at the proposed project, without needing to fully code or implement the design first.

Why use an iPad & iPad Pro Mockup Template?

Using an iPad & iPad Pro mockup template can significantly enhance the design presentation and validation process. It allows you to showcase your design in a realistic and professional way. This can drastically improve customer communication, as they can visualize exactly how the design would appear on an iPad.

Also, it saves designers considerable time, as they do not have to manually create an iPad interface for presentation purposes. The mockup templates are ready to use and can be easily integrated with designs using design software like Adobe Photoshop or Sketch.

Where can I find iPad & iPad Pro Mockup Templates?

There are many online resources that offer a wide variety of iPad & iPad Pro mockup templates. Websites like Pixeden, Mockup World, and GraphicBurger have extensive libraries of digital device mockups, including specific templates for iPad and iPad Pro. Most of these sites offer both free and premium options to cater to different design needs and budgets.

These templates can be downloaded, normally in PSD or Sketch format, and then customized with your own design. Many offer smart object functionality for ease of use. You can replace the screen with your design with just a few clicks.

How can I use an iPad & iPad Pro Mockup Template?

After successfully downloading the mockup template, you can import it into a graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop or Sketch. The file usually contains different layers including a layer for the device itself and one for the screen. You can replace the default screen content with your own design, adjust the layers, size, position, etc., to fit your needs.

Once your design has been successfully implemented into the mockup, you can save the file and present it to your clients or stakeholders. This will give a realistic representation of your design concept on an actual iPad or iPad Pro.

Can I customize an iPad & iPad Pro Mockup Template?

Absolutely, iPad & iPad Pro mockup templates are designed to be fully customizable. These templates come with adjustable layers that allow you to place your own design on the screen of the iPad. You can play around with various features such as shadows, colors and backgrounds to make the mockup blend well with your design.

Moreover, most templates also offer the ability to change the viewing angles, giving you the flexibility to showcase your design from multiple perspectives. This can be highly effective in a design presentation for giving a comprehensive view of your design approach.