20+ Best Mobile Lightroom Presets

Edit your photos on the go with our mobile Lightroom presets. Perfect for bloggers, influencers, or anyone wanting to give their mobile photos a professional touch. These tools add quick enhancements to your images, creating visually stunning social media posts.

FAQs About Mobile Lightroom Presets

What are Mobile Lightroom Presets?

Mobile Lightroom Presets are essentially filters, but much more sophisticated than the ones you would find on Instagram. They are pre-determined configurations of settings within Adobe's Lightroom app, which can alter your photos significantly or subtly, depending on the particular presets.

The presets have the ability to change several settings at once, including exposure, saturation, contrast, highlights, shadows, and much more. For instance, one preset could potentially give your photo a vintage feel, while another could enhance the colors to make an image appear more vibrant.

How do you install Mobile Lightroom Presets?

To install Mobile Lightroom Presets, you first need to have the Adobe Lightroom mobile app installed on your device. Once that is done, most presets come in DNG format which you will need to download and save onto your device. Open the Lightroom app, import the DNG file and open it, tap on the three dots in the top right corner, choose 'Create Preset' and finally give your preset a name before saving it.

Upon successful installation, your preset will be available within the 'Presets' tab which is visible when you go to edit an image in the Lightroom app. You can now select the preset of your choice to apply it to any of your photos.

Can you use Mobile Lightroom Presets on both iOS and Android?

Yes, you can use Mobile Lightroom Presets on both iOS and Android devices. All you need is the Adobe Lightroom mobile app, which is available on both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. Once the app is installed, you can download and use any Lightroom Preset of your choice.

However, do note that the process of loading presets might slightly vary from iOS to Android due to the difference in operating systems. Also, some preset packs could be specifically designed keeping either iOS or Android in mind, though most of them work universally.

Are Mobile Lightroom Presets customizable?

Yes, Mobile Lightroom Presets are fully customizable. Even though they come with pre-configured settings, you can further adjust them to suit your preferences or requirements. The flexibility offered by Lightroom allows you to modify various parameters like exposure, saturation, contrast, etc.

The advantage of this flexibility is that you can tweak a preset as per the specific requirements of each picture. So while a preset provides a good starting point, you have full control to fine-tune your image until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Do Mobile Lightroom Presets work on all images?

In general, Mobile Lightroom Presets are designed to work on all types of images. However, the final outcome of using a preset can largely depend on the original image’s lighting, colors, contrast and exposure levels. A preset which makes one photo look fantastic might not have the same impact on another photo.

Furthermore, each preset is designed to provide a certain effect or style. So, it's also about matching the right preset with the right image. That's why it's recommended to have a varied collection of presets and to experiment until you find the perfect match for each photo.