1. CSS3 Examples Page

This page showcases a set of CSS3 examples which are explained in further detail through a series of articles on Design Shack:
Please Note: If any of these examples are not appearing as expected, it is due to your browser not supporting CSS3 features. Safari/Webkit, Firefox and Opera support many of these features in their latest versions.

2. CSS3 Borders


This is an example of a box with gradient border

Rounded Corners

This is an example of a box with rounded borders

Shadow Borders

This is an example of a box with a drop shadow

Image Borders

This is an example of a box with an image border

3. CSS3 Text Effects

Text Shadow

This is an example of text with a shadow applied

Word Wrapping

This paragraph has long words thisisaveryverylongwordthatwouldneveractuallybe and again a longwordtodemonstratethisdesignshacktutorial

4. CSS3 User Interface


This area can easily be resized by clicking and dragging at the corner. Have a play!

Box Sizing

This box is on the left.
This box is on the right.

Outline Offset

This paragraph has a border, and then an outline around the whole element offset by 15px.

5. CSS3 Multi Columns

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6. CSS3 Backgrounds

Multiple Backgrounds

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Background Size

This div has the Design Shack logo resized and placed in the top left corner of the area. Provides many more possibilities for re-using graphics and images.