100 Landscape Lightroom Presets Pack

It is designed to work with Lightroom 4 and higher.

Revolutionize your photography experience with the 100 Landscape Lightroom Presets Pack. This ultimate set of creative filters and effects is designed to highlight the remarkable beauty of outdoor settings. Whether you are a seasoned landscape photographer or a passionate traveler seeking to enhance your photos, this pack provides a versatile solution to meet your editing needs.

The 100 Landscape Lightroom Presets Pack is easy to use, even if you are new to Lightroom. It is designed to work with Lightroom 4 and higher. Optimized specifically for landscape and travel photos, you can count on these presets to reshape your pictures into stunning visual narratives. With this versatile collection, you can explore a diverse range of photographic styles without losing the original essence of your photos.

The pack includes much more than just landscape-specific presets. It enables you to explore your creative skills in Portrait Photography, Forest Photography, Street Photography, and more. These presets are not mere filters; they unlock the potential of your images, giving them a unique and amazing finish. The bundle comes with 100 .LR Template Files and 1 Readme Files.

Details & Features

  • Takes only a single click
  • High quality result
  • Easily editable effects
  • Non-destructive Workflow
  • Detailed help/Instructions PDF file included
  • Completely experimented & tested
  • Lightroom 4, 5, and 6(CC) compatible

Why We Like It

We love the 100 Landscape Lightroom Presets Pack due to its simplicity and efficiency. It elevates photo editing, turning novice editors into professionals, and professional work into masterpieces. Whether you're enriching travel albums or enhancing landscape photography, these presets offer a unique touch, making any image stand out brilliantly.