DaVinci Resolve Templates

DaVinci Resolve is the world’s only solution that combines editing, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics, and audio post-production all in one software tool.

Our series will give you some basic tips and ideas for getting started with DaVinci Resolve, and highlight some of the pros and cons between Resolve and other competing apps.

We’ll also be featuring stunning, high-end DaVinci Resolve templates — openers, intro templates, titles, effects, and so much more. These templates can add an extra bit of magic to any video project, and help kick-start your production process.

What is a DaVinci Resolve Template?

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DaVinci Resolve is an emerging tool in the world of video editing and post-production. It’s a suite of high-end tools to make moving pictures shine. DaVinci Resolve templates can help you imagine and create even more things to do with the tool from call-outs to Instagram Stories to lower-third titles.

Templates for DaVinci Resolve might include graphic elements, motion graphics, text boxes, or even sound clips to help you make the most of your video clips as you turn them into more produced projects.

Some of the most popular template options include titles and call-outs to help you plan, scale, and work with text elements in video projects.

5 Reasons to Use a DaVinci Resolve Template

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DaVinci Resolve templates can be a lifesaver for designers working on video projects. Templates are a go-to tool for creating specific effects and even learning more about the software.

Use a template to create a nice-looking video clip or sequence or even learn to put together your own packages. A template will give you a good baseline of how to layer and put files together in the most efficient way possible, making it a fantastic beginner’s trick.

Here are five more reasons to use a DaVinci Resolve template:

  • Add a professional element to your video clips with a template. There’s no guesswork on colors or styles or ideal placement for graphic elements when you have the help of a pro.
  • Quick editing and design is one of the primary reasons to use a DaVinci resolve template. Finish tasks faster with the help of a template.
  • Learn how to create motion graphics that have a more professional look and feel.
  • Work with a variety of elements that match to fill gaps in video projects. A template could include titles in multiple, but matching, styles so that you can use some variety with graphic elements, but ensure that everything still flows together visually.
  • DaVinci Resolve templates might include elements or graphics that you aren’t comfortable creating yourself. Keep projects moving forward with a template that includes the design elements you need without a lot of time learning new techniques.

Free vs. Premium DaVinci Resolve Templates: Pros and Cons

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You can find DaVinci Resolve templates available for free or as paid add-ons. The option that’s best for you depends on usage and ease of use. If you are in the market for a template today, we recommended Envato Elements as a starting point; they have more than 1,300 video templates that are ready to download and use.

Look for a template that matches the aspect ratio and format of your video, first and foremost. (A template for a 16:9 video won’t help you that much for an Instagram Story.)

The next consideration is the quality of design elements and graphics. Paid templates might include more options or easier customization than some freebies. You’ll probably also find more options in the way designs look with a premium template.

The other difference between premium and free templates is in updates. Often premium templates are updated if there are changes to the software so that everything still works. Free templates are seldom supported.