Google Slides Themes

Google Slides is a free, powerful way to create presentations. Our series on Google Slides shares tips and ideas for working with the app, as well as beautiful Google Slides themes to help your next presentation stand out from the crowd!

Google Slides Themes
Inspiration / 10 Aug 2018

25+ Modern, Premium Google Slides Templates & Themes

Google Slides is a great web-based, free platform for creating presentations (and collaborating as you do so). There are plenty of pre-made default templates available, but they can only so so far — many are quite simple, and lack polished aesthetics.

If you’re wanting to take your Google Slides presentation to the next level, today’s collection of 25 pre-made templates will help. They’re all fully editable, beautifully crafted, and come ready for you to drop in your own text, images, graphics, charts, and more. We hope you find them useful!

Google Slides Themes
Inspiration / 3 Jul 2018

15+ Google Slides Templates for Teachers

In this collection, we’re featuring some of the best Google Slides templates for teachers and educators. You can use these templates to quickly create a great-looking educational presentation with Google Slides.

Since Google Slides is a web-based app, slideshows are much easier to share with students. As a result, many teachers use the app to create slideshow presentations for various teaching needs. Unfortunately, Google Slides only offers a limited number of pre-designed templates and most of them are designed for businesses.

We’ve scoured the web for some of the best Google Slides templates with elements for creating slideshows for the classroom. These templates are from Envato Elements, which allows you to download all these templates and more for a single price — a great deal for teachers and educators!

Google Slides Themes
Inspiration / 12 Jun 2018

30+ Best Google Slides Themes & Templates 2018

Google Slides is one of the best free tools available for creating a quick slideshow presentation. And we’ve collected some of the best Google Slides themes and templates to help you create a visually stunning slide deck.

In this post, we’re featuring some of the best Google Slides templates you can use to create a professional presentation without designing everything from scratch. This collection includes various types of Google Slides themes, including templates for marketing purposes, startup pitch decks, product presentations, and much more.

The collection includes both free and premium Google Slides templates. Feel free to browse and pick one that matches your project and presentation!