20+ Best Icons & Icon Sets

Enhance your digital designs with our icons and icon sets. Ideal for websites, apps, or any design requiring simple visual cues. These tools provide a variety of symbols that help improve the usability and aesthetics of your designs.

FAQs About Icons & Icon Sets

What are Icons & Icon Sets?

Icons are small, symbolic and visually appealing images used to represent a command, file, function, etc., particularly in a computer interface. They are designed in a way that permits users to comprehend their meaning instantly. Icon sets, on the other hand, are collections of related icons that share the same style and aesthetic to provide a cohesive user experience.

Both Icons and Icon Sets play a significant role in web design and app development. They not only simplify navigation within a site or app but also make it more user-friendly and visually engaging, thus enhancing usability and efficiency.

How are Icons & Icon Sets used in design?

Icons and Icon Sets are primarily used to visually represent functionality or content within a website, software, or application. They help to streamline the user interface by replacing text-based descriptions with straightforward, easy-to-understand imagery. This not only declutters the interface but also makes navigation easier and quicker.

Moreover, as part of the visual language, they also communicate with users in a way that transcends language barriers. Icon Sets are often created in harmony with a brand's guidelines to ensure a consistent and engaging visual branding across a digital product or platform.

What are the different types of Icons & Icon Sets?

There are several types of icons, categorized based on their function and design. These include application icons, which represent a program or app; folder icons, used to depict data directories; system icons, which represent functions like trash/recycling, battery, network, etc.; and web icons, used in website design for navigation or to represent specific actions or services.

Icon sets, on the contrary, are typically categorized by style and theme. These include flat, minimalistic, 3D, Isometric, Material Design, Glyph, etc. There’s a vast array of different themed sets geared towards different industries, like medical, education, food & beverages, and more.

What elements are important when designing Icons & Icon sets?

When designing icons and icon sets, it's crucial to maintain consistency, clarity, flexibility, and simplicity. All icons within a set should share the same visual language in terms of style, color palette, and dimensions. They need to be simple and clearly communicate their purpose, for maximum comprehension and usability.

Icons should also be flexible to work well across different screen sizes and resolutions. Another essential element is their effectiveness without color, as they may be viewed in grayscale in some scenarios. Creativity and uniqueness are also valuable to make the icons stand out and be memorable to users.

Where can you purchase Icons & Icon Sets?

There are various online marketplaces where designers sell their icons and icon sets. These include sites like Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Icons8, Flaticon, etc. These platforms offer a vast collection of icons in various styles, themes, and formats, suitable for different purposes and projects. When purchasing, it’s important to check the licensing agreement to ensure your intended use is permitted.

In addition, there are freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork where you can hire designers to create custom icons and icon sets for your specific needs. This allows for more personalized and unique icon designs that perfectly match your brand and project requirements.