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40+ Best Instagram Filters for Photoshop 2020

Inspiration / 21 Feb 2020

40+ Best Instagram Filters for Photoshop 2020

Filters are one of the best features of Instagram. Everyone loves the idea of prettifying their photos in an instant and sharing them with their friends and family. But have you ever wanted a set of Instagram filters for Photoshop? I know I have.

The good news is, you don’t just need the Instagram app to apply filters to your photos. You can actually create even more beautiful photos with customizable filters using Photoshop actions and upload them to not just Instagram, but any other social network you want.

We handpicked a collection of free and premium Instagram Photoshop actions for creating creative and stylish Instagram filter effects in Photoshop. With a single click, you can apply these effects to your photos and customize them to your preference.

We’re also sharing our tips and advice on how to use Instagram filters in Photoshop.

Design Your Own Logo With LogoMyWay’s Logo Maker

Reviews / 21 Feb 2020

Design Your Own Logo With LogoMyWay’s Logo Maker

Creating a professional-looking logo design that effectively markets your company and its services is an essential part of creating a new startup – and thanks to the wide array of tools and platforms available online you now have a range of options to choose from when it comes to how you will go about procuring a great logo for your company.

One such option that offers several considerable benefits is designing your logo using the new online logo maker by LogoMyWay. To help you take full advantage of this promising new logo design tool, we’ll take a look at the top benefits of using the LogoMyWay Online Logo Maker as well as the four-step process you can follow to ensure the best possible results.

20+ Best Outline Fonts

Inspiration / 20 Feb 2020

20+ Best Outline Fonts

If you’re working on a poster, flyer, or greeting card design, an outline font is a great choice for adding titles and headlines that attract attention. In this post, we’re featuring some of the best outline fonts you can use in not only print designs but in digital graphic designs as well.

Unlike most other types of fonts, an outline font is easily recognizable. Just as the name suggests, an outline font features a character design that only consists of outlines without a fill. These fonts are widely used to create attractive titles and headlines. They are also used in logo and stationery designs as well.

This collection includes a mixed collection of outline fonts you can use in various types of professional, decorative, and business graphic designs. Take a look and see if you can find an outline font that suits your project (and be sure to read through our tips for using outline fonts for some more helpful pointers!)

40+ Web Tools & Services You Should Check Out for 2020

Software / 19 Feb 2020

40+ Web Tools & Services You Should Check Out for 2020

With so many new apps and tools releasing every year it’s hard to keep track of the best tools. But with this list, you can easily have all the greatest tools in one place.

For this article, we curated a list of over 40 different web tools and services. Including a remote collaboration tool, a complete service for WordPress that can do for you everything you need, as well as tools related to design, development, SEO, WordPress, and much more.

Have a look and see if you can find any tools useful for your work. And make sure to bookmark this page for future reference.

Design Trend: Mixing Realism and Illustrations

Trends / 19 Feb 2020

Design Trend: Mixing Realism and Illustrations

There’s a trend afoot in website design that mixes real images with illustrations and art elements in interesting ways. And it’s quirky, unique, and beautiful!

It’s a mashup of visual elements that don’t seem like they go together at first, but when done well can create a stunning aesthetic that is highly engaging and delightful.

Here, we’re going to look at examples of this design trend and different ways of mixing realism and illustrations for maximum impact. Some of these sit within fairly corporate designs, and others are completely playful and entertaining. It’s a wide range of applications of a thoroughly unique and interesting trend.

Jumpstart Your Logo Design With Tailor Brands

Reviews / 19 Feb 2020

Jumpstart Your Logo Design With Tailor Brands

Branding can be one of the most intimidating parts of getting your small business off the ground. How do you create a brand that’s memorable and that you can use for logos, social media, and websites?

Enter Tailor Brands Logo Maker. The tool offers an automated logo maker and brand identity platform, that’s easy to use, customizable, and made with small business owners in mind.

Here, we’re going to take a look at Tailor Brands and tools that you can use to jumpstart your logo and brand design.

10 Websites We’d Love to See Redesigned in 2020 (And Why)

Graphics / 18 Feb 2020

10 Websites We’d Love to See Redesigned in 2020 (And Why)

Different designers have different takes on what makes a great website. But, one thing we can all agree on is popularity never makes a website design great. We have proof.

Today we take a look at a few popular websites owned by well-known companies and brands. These websites receive millions of visitors every month. And they are well-known around the world. All these websites have one thing in common—they could all use a bit of a visual refresh!

Even though web design has come so far as an industry and has evolved with amazing new technologies, there are companies that still use outdated website designs.

We’re unsure whether these brands are afraid of change or simply don’t prioritise design as highly. Either way, we believe these websites need to be revamped for the better of their users. Keep reading to find out why.

20+ Best Video Transition Effects (For After Effects + Premiere Pro)

Inspiration / 18 Feb 2020

20+ Best Video Transition Effects (For After Effects + Premiere Pro)

Video editing is an art form of its own. It takes careful and creative thinking to create a video that captivates an audience. Not just in filmmaking but it applies to YouTube, Instagram, and many other types of video content as well.

The art of transitioning from one scene to the next is one of the most challenging tasks video editors have to deal with. Especially when it comes to creating content for online audiences, people expect to see attractive effects in transitions.

Let’s face it, the default transition effects included with video editors have already been used way too much. It’s time to think differently and add some unique transition effects to your own videos.

It takes a lot of work to create transition effects. But, with the help of these transition effect templates, you won’t have to spend hours designing and creating effects. Just download the After Effects or Premiere Pro templates and start editing.

40+ Best Premiere Pro Animated Title Templates 2020

Inspiration / 17 Feb 2020

40+ Best Premiere Pro Animated Title Templates 2020

Making a professional-looking title scene for your video often takes a lot of work. When it comes to creating animated titles in Premiere Pro, it could take hours to figure out the right settings and design. These Premiere Pro animated title templates are a life-saver!

The opening title scene is arguably the most important part of any video. But this fact puts more responsibility on you to craft the perfect title scene that fits the video, and grabs your viewer’s attention. Thankfully, you don’t have to waste your time worrying about the design or animation of your video title anymore.

Using these easy to use Premiere Pro animated title templates, you’ll be able to create unique and professional title scenes for all kinds of videos without any effort. Have a look.

10 Pros and Cons of Minimal Navigation in Web Design

Navigation / 17 Feb 2020

10 Pros and Cons of Minimal Navigation in Web Design

There’s been a shift happening in website design for a while: navigation and menus are shrinking. Minimal navigation styles and elements are growing in popularity, despite arguments against the hamburger menu icon.

Although not all minimal navigation elements use this style, it’s certainly a visual style we’ve seen explode in use over the past few years.

But does it work? Should you consider using minimal navigation for projects? Here, we’re going to take a look at some pros and cons with examples of use. The answer might not be as simple as you think.

70+ Modern Corporate Brochure Templates

Inspiration / 14 Feb 2020

70+ Modern Corporate Brochure Templates

Brochures are an incredibly important part of identity and branding for any type of business. Whether you’re keeping customers informed, marketing a new product, or selling your services. A beautiful, modern brochure template can be a great starting point.

We’ve tracked down some of the most beautiful, creative brochure designs to help you quickly get started with a professional template. They’re modern and stylish, and can help your business stand out from the crowd.

All these brochure designs come in the form of a ready-to-go template, fully print ready, and most just cost a few dollars.

We’re also sharing a few helpful tips for designing a corporate or business brochure, and a guide on how to choose your brochure design software to help get you started.

50+ iPad Mockup PSD & PNG Templates

Inspiration / 13 Feb 2020

50+ iPad Mockup PSD & PNG Templates

Using an iPad mockup template is a great way to display your latest and greatest responsive website design or app interface. We’ve collected our favorite free iPad mockups, and a few premium options, to get you started.

We’ve scoured the web to find over a hundred different tablet and iPad mockups, in all shapes and sizes, that can make your app or website interface stand out.

They vary between photograph-based PSD iPad mockups, PNG templates, or vectors that can scale to any size.

Some are free, some cost a few dollars, but all of them are rather lovely!