15+ Best Lightroom LUTs

Achieve cinematic color grading with our Lightroom LUTs. These tools provide a variety of color look-up tables that can give your photos a professional, movie-like color treatment.

FAQs About Lightroom LUTs

What are Lightroom LUTs?

Lightroom LUTs (LookUp Tables) are a set of mathematical values used in image processing to adjust colors and tones. They act as a roadmap for color grading and can drastically change the way colors are interpreted in an image or video. These LUTs are widely used in photography, videography, and digital art to achieve specific visual themes or styles.

For instance, filmmakers often use LUTs during the post-production process to provide a consistent color scheme across different scenes. Photographers use them to create unique color grading styles, from vintage to modern aesthetics, depending on the desired outcome.

How do I use a Lightroom LUT?

To use a LUT in Lightroom, you need a plugin that can import and apply LUTs as Lightroom does not support them directly. Once you have the plugin installed, you can import the LUTs into Lightroom. The LUT can then be found in the Develop Module, where it can be applied to your photographs to change their color schemes.

Remember to use LUTs subtly, as an overly applied LUT might ruin the quality of your image or make it look unnatural. Always try to find a balance between the original image and the color adjustments made by the LUT.

Can You Create Your Own Lightroom LUTs?

Yes, you can create your own LUTs. However, creating your own LUTs can be a complex task that requires a strong understanding of color grading and the technical aspects of image editing. You'll need to use software that supports LUT creation, such as Photoshop or DaVinci Resolve.

Once your LUT is created, you can then apply it to your images in Lightroom using a plugin as mentioned earlier. This will allow you to create and apply your own unique color grading styles to your images.

Are Lightroom LUTs and Presets the Same Thing?

Although both LUTs and Presets can adjust the color and tone of an image, they're not the same thing. A Preset in Lightroom is a pre-determined set of slider positions saved in a file that Lightroom can use to apply an editing style. These include changes to exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, clarity, and other settings.

LUTs, on the other hand, are mathematical formulas that recalculate the color values of an image. They often offer more advanced and specific color grading abilities and are used across multiple platforms and software, not just Lightroom. But you can't directly control or modify the settings in a LUT file the same way as you can with a Preset

Where Can I Find High-Quality Lightroom LUTs?

There are plenty of places you can purchase professional, high-quality Lightroom LUTs. These include Adobe’s own marketplace, as well as other online sites dedicated to photography resources such as Visuals Collective or Color Grading Central. Keep in mind that LUTs vary in price, depending on their quality, uniqueness, and completeness of the package.

Moreover, online photography communities often share LUTs amongst members. These can be a goldmine for unique and creative LUTs. Just remember that these LUTs are often a labor of love for the creators, so if you find value in a specific LUT, be sure to support the creator if a donation or purchase option is available.