Logo Templates

You don’t have to resort to a contest or logo generator to get a semi-custom logo design quickly. A logo template might be the answer you are looking for.

A logo template provides a quick-to-finish solution with options for customization. When used effectively, a logo template can help you solve a design problem in a pinch.

What is a Logo Template?

logo template
Get your logo design started quickly with a logo template and create a beautiful brand in minutes.

A logo template is a set of vector images, type elements, and icons or graphics to help you create a semi-custom logo quickly. Templates might include a single design element or come as a package with multiple pieces that you can mix and match on the way to creating a logo design.

While there is an abundance of logo templates available, look for something that’s easy to customize so you don’t run the risk of having the exact same logo design as someone else.

5 Reasons to Try Using a Logo Template

logo template

Logo templates are one of those tools that can speed up workflows and make you more efficient. Maybe you need a quick logotype that wasn’t initially part of a design scope or you have a client that wants something to stand up quickly.

While sometimes logo templates get a bad rep, they can be a quite useful tool. Here are a few reasons you might try a logo template:

  • Use a logo template to save time. Designing with a template is an effective starter.
  • Use a logo template if a client has seen something they like that replicable with a template.
  • A logo template provides more design control than a logo generator.
  • A logo template can jumpstart your creativity if you are struggling with the design. (Just because you download it, doesn’t mean you have to use it.
  • A logo template can be a good design learning tool. Deconstruct it and figure out what makes it work (and what doesn’t) on the path to creating a custom logo design.

3 Things to Look for In a Logo Template

logo template

Not all logo templates are equal. The best logo templates are vector shapes. Avoid logo templates where the design is “complete,” and the only editable area is text.

Here’s a 3-point checklist for things to look for in a solid logo template.

  • Ability to customize everything: A good logo template uses shapes that you can alter and edit. (Look for a native Adobe Illustrator file or EPS when downloading.
  • Included fonts: If you are picking a logo template because of the way type looks, make sure the typefaces are included in the package or are readily available typefaces, such as Google Fonts.
  • Bundle elements: While there are plenty one-stop logo templates out there, you’ll get more mileage out of a bundle with multiple elements and styles that you can piece together on your own. It’s still a quick-to-design logo but won’t look like it came out of a “box.”