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50+ Best Number Fonts for Displaying Numbers

Font Collections / 26 Sep 2023

50+ Best Number Fonts for Displaying Numbers

The style of numbers and digits is particularly important in graphic design, and no less so when designing a typeface. Although every font has a unique look-and-feel, very few stand out specifically when it comes to the design of their numbers and digits.

After scouring the web, we’ve tracked down a few great examples of number fonts, and typefaces that do something particularly unique with their numbers. Some of these fonts are directed only towards digits, while others are complete packs of alphabets and numbers. Hopefully, they’ll help you in your search for a great number font for your next project!

30+ Best Research Presentation Templates for PowerPoint (PPT)

PowerPoint Templates / 26 Sep 2023

30+ Best Research Presentation Templates for PowerPoint (PPT)

Finding the right PowerPoint template plays an important part in getting your message across to the audience during a presentation. And it’s especially true for research presentations.

Using the right colors, graphs, infographics, and illustrations in your slides is the key to delivering information more effectively and making your presentation a success.

Today, we handpicked a great collection of research presentation PowerPoint templates for you to make the perfect slideshows for various types of research papers and studies.

Whether you’re preparing for a presentation at a school, event, or conference, there are templates in this list for all purposes. Let’s dive in.

30+ Best Groovy 70s Fonts (Free & Pro)

Font Collections / 25 Sep 2023

30+ Best Groovy 70s Fonts (Free & Pro)

The 70s and 80s were a magical time that introduced some bold new design concepts to the world. Typography design in particular had a big improvement with strange and groovy font designs.

Even today, those 70s-style funky fonts are being used to create a nostalgic feel through modern designs. As a way to remind people of those simpler times.

We found some groovy retro fonts that are perfect for those design projects. In this list, you’ll find many different styles of fonts inspired by the 70s and 80s. There are psychedelic-style fonts, bubble fonts, and all kinds of cool fonts for you to download. Including a few free items. Have a look.

35+ Best TikTok Video Templates, Interface Elements + More

Inspiration / 25 Sep 2023

35+ Best TikTok Video Templates, Interface Elements + More

TikTok quickly took over the world with its trendy video-based content format. With over 800 million active users, TikTok is more than just about dancing videos and memes. It’s now a platform for marketing.

TikTok is now bigger than Reddit, Twitter, and even Snapchat. As a result, everyone from small personal brands to big corporate businesses is now on TikTok promoting their products.

The key to promoting a brand or a business on TikTok is to have the perfect video templates and the elements to represent your brand in a professional way through the content. They help set your brand apart from the rest.

That’s why we’re bringing you a collection of high-quality TikTok video templates and elements you can easily download and use to create branded content for your audience. Have a look.

Inkscape vs Illustrator: Should You Switch to the Free Alternative?

Software / 22 Sep 2023

Inkscape vs Illustrator: Should You Switch to the Free Alternative?

With 20 years of updates, improvements, and enhancements, Inkscape is now a formidable competitor to Adobe Illustrator. But is it worth switching over to this free Illustrator alternative? Let’s find out.

Some of the recent Inkscape updates introduced a series of useful features to the vector graphics editor that gave more than a few reasons for graphic designers to consider it as a solid Illustrator alternative.

Inkscape also has a sleek new user interface with a modern look that enhances the user experience. It finally added a new Shape Builder tool along with a pattern editor. And performance has been improved significantly.

All the more reasons to give this completely free open-source graphics editor a try. Let’s see how Inkscape compares to Illustrator and figure out if it has what it takes to challenge Adobe’s software.

25+ Stylish Poster Color Schemes 2023

Poster Design / 22 Sep 2023

25+ Stylish Poster Color Schemes 2023

When it comes to designing a poster, a stylish color scheme can go a long way to bringing attention to the design. From bright colors and unusual combinations, to subtle and understated, this is a space where almost anything goes.

Here, we’re diving into some super cool color schemes that you can use in poster design, sharing the hex codes for each poster color scheme to get you started.

Plus, each example is actually available as a template as well, if you want to jump start your design and use any of these specific examples!

45+ Best Free Adobe Illustrator Brushes 2023

Inspiration / 21 Sep 2023

45+ Best Free Adobe Illustrator Brushes 2023

If you’re looking for new and creative Illustrator brushes to expand your collection, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’re sharing a collection of handpicked and free Adobe Illustrator brushes in various categories.

Whether you’re an artist working on a new drawing or a designer enhancing a digital design, this list has all sorts of Illustrator brushes for everyone. Keep scrolling to explore the collection and be sure to download all the brushes. After all, they are free!

We’ve also created a quick guide on how to add brushes to Illustrator to help you out with installing these.

35+ Fun Kids Fonts for Children’s Designs

Font Collections / 21 Sep 2023

35+ Fun Kids Fonts for Children’s Designs

When it comes to designing graphics for kids, typography plays an important role. Kids love reading and spelling out words. But the key to getting their attention is the design of the letters.

If letters look boring, kids will immediately lose focus and attention. As a designer, it’s your job to make those titles and text look as fun as possible for kids.

Today, we have some of the coolest kids fonts you can use to create fun graphic designs for children. You can use these fonts to design bright and attractive book covers, product packaging designs, clothing items, and much more.

Have a look and start downloading. There are a few free fonts in the list too.

70+ Best Free Photoshop Actions & Effects 2023

Photoshop Actions / 20 Sep 2023

70+ Best Free Photoshop Actions & Effects 2023

Photoshop actions are quite useful when optimizing photos, applying effects, and editing graphics. For this collection, we’ve handpicked some of the best free Photoshop actions you can download and use with no price to pay!

Whether you’re a professional designer or a complete beginner, Photoshop actions can help you save a lot of time. Simply put, Photoshop actions pack hours worth of design work into a single-click so that you can achieve professional-level effects without an effort.

In this post, we’re featuring several different types of free Photoshop actions. You’ll find them categorized into different effects and styles below. Have a look and start downloading.

25+ Best Summer Fonts (Free, Fun Summer Vibes)

Font Collections / 20 Sep 2023

25+ Best Summer Fonts (Free, Fun Summer Vibes)

Finding a font with a summer vibe is the key to creating designs that encapsulate the same warm and breezy spirit of the season. We’ll help you find that perfect font with this collection of summer fonts.

We handpicked a collection of summer-themed fonts that have the same fun-filled, carefree, and playful vibes of everyone’s favorite season. These fonts are ideal for everything from beach party invitations to seasonal sale flyers, social media posts, cool t-shirts, and so much more.

They will definitely help capture the essence of summer to make your designs look much more energetic and exciting.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the font collection. Be sure to download them all.

10 Most Useful AI Tools for Designers in 2023

Software / 20 Sep 2023

10 Most Useful AI Tools for Designers in 2023

Whether you’re a freelancer or managing a team at an agency, efficiency is key to delivering great work as a designer.

With the rapid advancements in AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies, it’s getting much easier to manage multiple clients and craft amazing designs at the same time. And with these AI tools, you’ll be able to achieve that same level of efficiency right now.

Today, we check out some of the most useful AI tools you can use to supercharge your workflow to design better, faster, and more efficiently.

We already covered a list of AI art generation tools for designers. In this post, we are focusing on AI tools you can use to improve your workflow as a designer.

Let’s dive in.

6 Best Premiere Pro Alternatives in 2023 (Free & Paid)

Premiere Pro Templates / 19 Sep 2023

6 Best Premiere Pro Alternatives in 2023 (Free & Paid)

Adobe Premiere Pro is arguably the best video editing software out there. Its level of versatility and smooth user experience is unmatched to this day. However, the competition is now slowly catching up to take the throne away from Adobe.

Today, we explore some of the best Adobe Premiere Pro alternatives you can use for video editing. Whether it’s for editing a Hollywood movie, a YouTube video, or a TikTok video, there are options on this list for all types of projects. Including a few great free video editing software.

Many users now look for Premiere Pro alternatives due to the expensive Adobe Creative Cloud subscription plan. Especially when you’re starting out as a beginner or trying to save costs as a freelance video editor, finding the right video editing software will go a long way to help you save money in the long run.

Premiere Pro is also one of the most resource-heavy software out there. If you don’t have a high-end system, the video editor will perform horribly. Thankfully, the video editing apps on our list offer solutions to these problems.

Let’s dive right in.

25+ Photo to Pencil Actions for Photoshop (Sketch + Drawing Effects)

Photoshop Actions / 19 Sep 2023

25+ Photo to Pencil Actions for Photoshop (Sketch + Drawing Effects)

Turning your photos into artworks or drawings used to be an expensive and time-consuming task. Back in the day, you had to hire an artist to get the job done.

Thanks to Photoshop, this task now only takes just a few mouse clicks. With the help of Photoshop actions, you can easily transform your photos into pencil sketches or realistic drawings in a matter of seconds.

Today, we bring you some of the easy-to-use Photoshop pencil sketch effects and actions for quickly turning your photos and graphics into works of art.

We included both high-quality premium Photoshop actions as well as a few free items. Be sure to download them all.

35+ Best Luxury & Elegant Fonts in 2023 (Free & Pro)

Font Collections / 19 Sep 2023

35+ Best Luxury & Elegant Fonts in 2023 (Free & Pro)

Finding the right font is key when it comes to creating a sophisticated look for your luxury designs. Today, we’ll help you achieve that goal.

In this post, we feature an amazing collection of elegant and luxury fonts that come with mesmerizing designs. These fonts are guaranteed to make your designs look more fancy and graceful.

Creating that high-end look in a luxury design starts with the font. Whether it’s a logo design for a luxury hotel or a business card for a jewelry brand, it’s the font that makes the design stand out.

So make sure to browse this entire collection to find the perfect elegant font for your luxury designs. We included a few free fonts too. Have a look.

25+ Best Professional Email Footer Signature Templates (+ Free Tips) 2023

Inspiration / 18 Sep 2023

25+ Best Professional Email Footer Signature Templates (+ Free Tips) 2023

The email signature is one of the most important elements of a professional email. It’s like digitally signing a letter, but only better.

Unfortunately, most professionals are still not aware of the usefulness of an email signature. According to a study based on 700 million emails, only 52% of emails had an email signature. The worst part is 70% of those email signatures only contained a name, profession, and company name.

Whether you’re a CEO or a freelancer, your email signature is what allows you to show your identity through each email you send. And it takes much more than just writing your name and profession to make a great email signature. You also need to design it beautifully to include links to your website, social profiles, and maybe even a good-looking photo of yourself.

Creating such email signatures is not that difficult. With the help of email signature templates, you can easily design a professional email signature in just a few clicks. Download a template from our collection below to get started.

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