1000 Cinematic Color LUTs & Presets

Want to create a stunning Instagram story? There's a LUT for that.

The 1000 Cinematic Color LUTs & Presets bundle allows filmmakers and videographers the ability to effortlessly enhance the visual appearance of their footage. Housing an extensive range of precalculated color transformations in 12 distinct categories, it enables a more refined and cinematic look in every edit. These LUTs can be applied using Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and various other video editing software platforms, offering a remarkable versatility that assists in streamlining any post-production workflow.

Apart from featuring an exhaustive selection of professional color grading LUTs, this bundle also brings to the table 15 unique VHS looks suitable for all kinds of creative projects. On top of that, it includes five distinct old film looks, and an array of overlays featuring camera scratches, noise, and light leaks. This makes it an excellent choice for those seeking to add a touch of nostalgia or vintage flair to their content.

The possibilities with the 1000 Cinematic Color LUTs & Presets are endless. Want to create a stunning Instagram story? There's a LUT for that. Crafting a beautiful wedding video? You'll find the perfect color grading option here. Making high-flying drone footage or a sleek fashion video? This bundle has got you covered. Your imagination is the only limit when you're armed with these top-tier LUTs and presets.

Details & Features

  • 1000 premium color grading presets
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and other video editing software
  • 12 categories of video styles including wedding, cinematic, Instagram, and aerial
  • 15 VHS effects and 5 old film looks
  • Touches of nostalgia with overlays featuring camera scratches and noise
  • 20 Light Leaks for added visual interest
  • .prfpset and .cube file types included

Why We Like It

The 1000 Cinematic Color LUTs & Presets bundle is an absolute game-changer for any videographer or content creator. The expansive collection of LUTs makes it easier than ever to navigate and choose the perfect color grading for every project. We love the addition of old school VHS and film effects for a dash of nostalgia, as well as the freedom to experiment with different looks and styles at one's own pace. Considering its versatility and rich content, it's a highly recommended must-have for any creative's toolkit.