1100+ Infographic Templates for Premiere Pro

It's not just about quantity, but also variety.

Step up your Premiere Pro game with this massive bundle of infographic elements. The pack boasts over 1100 infographic templates that make complex data digestible and engaging. This assortment encompasses a diverse range of charts, graphs, and infographic designs, making it a valuable addition to any video editor's toolbox.

The highlight feature of this pack is undoubtedly its voluminous collection of infographic scenes and elements. Each scene is equipped with a handy "Control Panel" — an intuitive interface that makes editing text, graphics elements, and effects accessible and straightforward. By automatically resizing all scenes according to your needs, these templates adapt seamlessly to your project dimensions.

The versatility of this infographic pack is its strength. It's not just about quantity, but also variety. With the capacity to enhance a range of content—from social media posts to commercial broadcasts—the myriad possibilities this pack enables are truly exciting. Whether your work is destined for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or beyond, this pack's potential is limited only by your creativity.

Details & Features

  • Over 1100 infographic scenes and elements
  • 150 Pie Chart scenes with 10 different options each
  • 90+ Diagram scenes with 4 variations each
  • Auto Resize feature
  • Comprehensive Control Panel
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro CC
  • Includes free fonts and no plugins required

Why We Like It

This Infographic Template Pack stands out for its stupendous variety and user-friendly interface. It promises a smooth experience for users, irrespective of their technical proficiency. Additionally, its ability to seamlessly complement a spectrum of content types, from social media to professional presentations, is a standout feature we admire.