12 Pastel Watercolor Textures

12 Pastel Watercolor Textures
Each is crafted in separate PNG files and also as a multi-layered PSD file.

Step into a world of whimsical wonders with the 12 Pastel Watercolor Textures. Every inspiration-filled texture is lovingly handcrafted to perfection, bound to add that touch of magic to your design projects. Ideal for a variety of creative pursuits, these pastel watercolor textures paint a world where soft hues meet dreamy designs.

Possessing an amalgamation of delicate beauty and contemporary artistry, these watercolor textures are versatile in application and easy to manipulate. They come as wonderful backdrops for your children’s artwork, adds a unique element to album arts or book covers, amp the visual appeal of greetings and invitations, and add colours to nearly any graphic design. They can bring life to gift wraps and scrapbooks or accessorize anything that requires a hint of adorableness.

The pack includes 12 stunning pastel backgrounds in a watercolor sponge texture and 12 crafted overlays as extras. Each is crafted in separate PNG files and also as a multi-layered PSD file. For the comfort of advanced page layout designers, we are glad to include files in high resolution (300 DPI) and large scale (3600px / 3600px).

Details & Features

  • 12 pastel watercolor backgrounds
  • 3600px x 3600px dimension
  • 300 DPI resolution
  • 12 crafted overlays as extras
  • Separate PNG files for ease of use
  • Multi-layered PSD file for advanced designing
  • Pastel backgrounds in watercolor sponge texture

Why We Like It

We find the 12 Pastel Watercolor Textures truly irresistible owing to their carefully handcrafted allure and impeccable quality. They provide a burst of creativity with each stroke and fill any design with enchanting pastel hues. These versatile textures are ideal for a plethora of design projects, making them an invaluable asset in every designer's arsenal. Starts rendering your world of fantasy with these textures and witness your designs bloom into life effortlessly.