12 Watercolor Backgrounds

12 Watercolor Backgrounds
We highly recommend them for a splash of creativity and aesthetic appeal.

Get lost in the dreamy world of watercolors with our pack of 12 unique background designs. With a splash of extraordinary colors and designs, these backgrounds add a burst of creativity to any project. Ideal for enhancing presentation slides and logo mockups, they take your visuals to a new level of appeal.

Each of the 12 backgrounds in this pack is carefully crafted with a high resolution of 3000 x 2500 pixels. They breathe life into web designs, games, illustrations, mock-ups, and printed materials. Boasting a high-quality rendering at 300 dpi, they offer unparalleled visual quality in JPG format.

Step up your creative game with this pack of watercolor backgrounds. They bring a touch of spontaneity and improvisation into your project, making it stand out. Bask in the delight of unexpected color play and undulating designs – every background is a testimonial to the beauty of watercolors.

Details & Features

  • 12 unique watercolor backgrounds
  • Unusual and vibrant color choices
  • High resolution of 3000 x 2500 pixels
  • Files in 300 dpi quality JPG format
  • Suitable for presentation slides, logo mockups, and more
  • Perfect for web design, games, illustrations, and print">

Why We Like It

What’s extra special about these watercolor backgrounds is their ability to blend effortlessly into any design while creating a visually stunning impact. Equipped with high resolution and vibrant colors, they add an artistic touch to any project. We highly recommend them for a splash of creativity and aesthetic appeal.