14 Landscape Retouching Actions

14 Landscape Retouching Actions
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It is, indeed, the perfect tool for enhancing the beauty of the great outdoors.

This bundle of Photoshop actions is an essential toolkit for anyone keen on photographing the beauty of nature, wildlife, and mesmerizing travel locations. The 14 professional actions included in this collection are designed to optimize your landscape photography. They are instrumental in reducing haze, enriching the vibrant hues of foliage, enhancing the blues and whites of the sky, and offering a host of other improvements.

The convenience of the 14 Landscape Retouching Actions is unparalleled. With just a few clicks, you can rejuvenate your landscapes, restore intricate details, and amplify their inherent beauty. From reducing haze and improving water clarity to fixing overexposed skies, these actions provide ways to make your landscapes realistic yet extraordinary. These actions also allow you to boost the vibrant colors of vegetation and foliage by painting over them, with a neutral-priority or vivid-priority feature to suit the desired vividity.

What's more, you can have complete control over these actions. The layers are non-destructive; the effects are applied atop the photo while maintaining the original layers unaltered. All actions are fully editable and adjustable as simple as changing the opacity. All you need to do is execute the action and then paint over the areas you wish to enhance or fix, requiring no precision.

Details & Features

  • Reduce haze and improve water clarity
  • Enhance colors of trees, bushes, etc.
  • Non-destructive actions that do not merge layers
  • Fix overexposed skies and blown out highlights
  • Controls over vividness with neutral and vivid priority actions
  • Easy-to-use, painting required areas

Why We Like It

The 14 Landscape Retouching Actions offer a swift solution for optimizing a wide range of landscape photographs. We love it for its user-friendly application, the full control over edits and the incredible depth it brings to the photos keeping the colors natural yet striking. It is, indeed, the perfect tool for enhancing the beauty of the great outdoors.