14 Pro HDR Lightroom Presets

They have been tested across various photo types, proving their universal adaptability.

The 14 Pro HDR Lightroom Presets are the multitasking game-changers for both professional photographers and hobbyists alike. These presets offer a unique chance to bring the complex HDR (High Dynamic Range) effect to any ordinary photograph with just a click. Particularly beneficial for real estate and interior photography, the HDR effect brings an elevated depth, contrast and vibrancy to images, snapping every detail into focus.

These professional presets are not only best for instilling a professional HDR look but are also versatile enough to be used in different scenarios. They have been tested across various photo types, proving their universal adaptability. These presets can easily enhance the complete aesthetic of social media platforms such as blogs, Instagram and Facebook, invoking a professional and appealing look to the images. Their ease of use, coupled with their smart, clean adjustments, make them an indispensable tool in a photographer’s arsenal.

Along with offering professional results, these presets provide a 100% non-destructive editing solution, meaning they preserve the original data while editing, making it possible to revert to the original image if needed. They've been skillfully built to work on the color, contrast and exposures, providing stunning transformations to your images whilst leaving the white balance untouched. These presets grant both easibility and responsibility in making necessary changes to over- and underexposed photographs.

Details & Features

  • Easy to use - just one click for impressive results
  • Applicable for photographers, bloggers, Instagrammers - both pro and amateur
  • Supports multiple file types including .jpg, .tiff and RAW
  • Does not alter the WB (White Balance) of images
  • Quality is emphasized over quantity
  • Does not require camera calibration profiles
  • Preset file type: .lrtemplate

Why We Like It

The 14 Pro HDR Lightroom Presets provide a professional and versatile solution to photo editing. We love how they simplify the complex process of achieving an HDR effect, bringing an unmatchable depth and clarity to images. And the assurance of non-destructive editing makes it a risk-free investment, bound to elevate the quality of your photographs, no matter the platform.