20 Bright Lifestyle Lightroom Mobile Presets

Brighten up your lifestyle photos with the impressive range of Lightroom presets.

Brighten up your lifestyle photos with the impressive range of Lightroom presets. This unique package contains 20 versatile presets that can be used in both mobile and desktop versions of the Lightroom app. Personalize your visual narrative with presets that can be adjusted to your individual aesthetic needs.

Breathe new life into your images with fresh and luminous lifestyle presets. This bundle is your gateway to enhanced photo editing adventure, complete with Lightroom presets, Capture One profiles, and LUTs. Whether you're looking to enhance a cozy 'Breakfast in Bed' shot, add zest to photos from your 'Light Kitchen', or intensify the allure of your 'Rustic Charm' captures, this handy collection has got you covered.

These presets are designed to augment your workflow, delivering professional quality results with ease and efficiency. Backed by VOXCOLOR algorithms, SparkleStock presets offer speed-optimized profiles for swift editing, a handy 'Amount slider' for varying preset strength, and a skin tone protection algorithm that guarantees natural-looking outcomes.

Details & Features

  • Works with desktop, mobile, and web versions of Lightroom
  • Speed-optimized profiles for speedy editing
  • Allows varying preset strength with Amount slider
  • Natural results assured with VOXCOLOR's skin tone protection algorithm
  • Supports a wide array of software
  • VOXCOLOR SmoothTones reduce banding and artifacts
  • VOXCOLOR Skin Tone Protection ensures more natural results in video editing

Why We Like It

The appeal of the 20 Bright Lifestyle Lightroom Mobile Presets lies in its versatility and user-friendly features. They adapt to your personal taste, allowing fine-tuning of effects which is rarely seen in similar products. Joined by VOXCOLOR's quality assurance and wide compatibility with various software, these presets stand out as a top-notch tool for every photo and video enthusiast.