3D Sketch Photoshop Action

3D Sketch Photoshop Action
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Transform your images into stunning 3D sketches with the 3D Sketch Photoshop Action.

Transform your images into stunning 3D sketches with the 3D Sketch Photoshop Action. This tool uses Photoshop's action capabilities to convert your photos or art into blueprint-like sketches, giving them a tech savvy and attention-grabbing aesthetic. With its capacity to convert a wide range of objects including bikes, gadgets, and other items, it's perfect for showcasing designs or art in a unique and engaging style.

The action is highly customizable, with options to accommodate different Photoshop versions, language settings, and user preferences. This includes a striking selection of 20 color presets, providing flexibility in achieving your desired stylistic outcome. Going beyond simple conversion, it also offers an impressive level of detail in its sketches with 3D elements, truly encapsulating the texture, depth and intricacy of the original subject matter. Moreover, the action is simple to use, with just a single click needed to initiate the transformation process.

Among its latest upgrades is its compatibility with all newer Photoshop versions, extending its usability and ensuring compatibility with your existing software. Video tutorials are also included to guide you in navigating its various features, while the user-friendly .txt file provides handy insider recommendations. It goes without saying that each purchase comes with the necessary .atn, .abr, .pat files for execution, as well as well-organized folders for seamless access and storage.

Details & Features

  • Creates proffesional technical sketch look with 3D elements
  • Compatible with various Photoshop versions
  • 20 color presets
  • Fully customizable graphic elements
  • One click action
  • .atn, .abr, .pat files included
  • Video tutorial and User guide for easy navigation

Why We Like It

The 3D Sketch Photoshop Action stands out with its ability to transform a diverse range of objects into professional tech sketches. We really appreciate its extensive customizability and user-friendliness, which make it accessible to users of different Photoshop versions and language settings. The inclusion of video tutorials and a user guide make it even easier to explore and exploit its robust features.