3D Women’s Dress Mockup

3D Women’s Dress Mockup
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Few mockups cater to the garment industry as thoughtfully as this one does.

The 3D Women’s Dress Mockup is a professional, high-resolution asset perfect for any digital or print project. Ideal for fashion and garment businesses, this asset significantly simplifies the process of demonstrating the appeal of women's dresses in a highly realistic and flattering format. With its 4500 x 5500 px dimension, the mockup provides outstanding detail, making it an excellent asset for showcasing intricate dress designs.

Its editable properties extend to its smart objects, allowing users to seamlessly integrate any design onto the 3D women's dress. Want to experiment with colors, patterns, or textures? This mockup’s layered PSD file, organized and clearly named layers provide such flexibility. It's easy to transform this versatile canvas into any dress style or theme you envision.

The 3D Women’s Dress Mockup further sets itself apart with its 300 PPI (Pixels Per Inch) quality. This indicates the level of detail, clarity, and sharpness the image contains, enhancing its lifelike representation. Even when scaled up, the mockup maintains its high-quality appearance, making it an indispensable tool for design presentations.

Details & Features

  • Isolated product for focused presentation
  • High Resolution of 4500 x 5500 px
  • Editable with Smart Objects
  • Organized and named layers for easy editing
  • Editable Colors to match any design palette
  • Fully Customizable layered PSD file
  • Quality detail at 300 PPI

Why We Like It

We love the 3D Women’s Dress Mockup for its professional quality, flexibility, and high-resolution detail. Few mockups cater to the garment industry as thoughtfully as this one does. Its customizability and lifelike appearance undoubtedly enhance the effectiveness of any design presentation, making it an asset we would highly recommend.