40 Geometric Seamless Patterns Bundle

40 Geometric Seamless Patterns Bundle
The defining feature of these patterns is that they're all vector.

Discover imaginative possibilities and transform any ordinary item into a striking visual feast with the 40 Geometric Seamless Patterns Bundle. This package showcases a selection of 40 captivating geometric line patterns in an array of designs, perfect for injecting dynamism into book covers, stationery designs, and more. Available in PNG and vector formats, these patterns are ready to take your creativity to the next level.

The 40 Geometric Seamless Vector Patterns are not only versatile but also offer superior image quality. The defining feature of these patterns is that they're all vector. In other words, you can enlarge them without affecting clarity or quality. Plus, they're seamless and editable, allowing unlimited custom creations by altering the colors to match your preference.

Moreover, these patterns aren't limited to book covers or stationery, the applications are only restricted by your imagination. They can be used as a trendy background on T-shirts, business cards, Christmas cards, wedding invitations, fashion projects, websites, crafts, and many more. These diversified options come in four categories: Lines, Squares, Crosses, and Rhombuses.

Details & Features

  • 40 Unique Geometric Seamless Vector Patterns
  • High Quality: Scalable vectors with no quality drop
  • Customizable: Fully editable colors
  • Versatility: Perfect for a wide array of designs
  • Diversified: Comes in four categories- Lines, Squares, Crosses, and Rhombuses
  • Formats: Available in PNG, JPEG and Vector formats
  • Resolution: 2500 x 2500 px at 300dpi

Why We Like It

We highly recommend the 40 Geometric Seamless Patterns Bundle due to its versatility, adaptability, and superior quality. It offers room to play, experiment, and create unique designs that are specifically tailored to individual style preferences, making it ideal for both professional and personal projects. And, with 40 patterns to choose from, inspiration is never far away.