50 Film Noire PS Actions Bundle

Effortlessly enhance your work while expediting your workflow.

Experience the allure of the silver screen right at your fingertips with the 50 Film Noire PS Actions Bundle. This comprehensive pack is bursting with 50 diverse film effects guaranteed to inject a touch of cinematic magic into your photographs. A blend of 30 distinctive cinematic film Photoshop actions and 20 stunning black and white film effects means you can adapt and customize your images with various non-destructive filmic elements.

Delve into a wealth of color grading presets that seamlessly transport you from a nostalgic retro aesthetic to the crisp brilliance of modern photography. Effortlessly enhance your work while expediting your workflow. With just a few simple clicks, your photos can embody a world-class color grading technique. Absolutely anyone can produce professional results.

With a superior color key crafted by a team of award-winning photographers, this pack delivers a sense of luxury through its deep matte feel. Refined, accurate, and sophisticated, these Photoshop actions are tailor-made to elevate your photos to new heights.

Details & Features:

  • 30 Cinematic color effects
  • 20 Black & White color effects
  • Instruction manual included
  • Professional visual effects
  • Non-destructive effects
  • Adjustable actions
  • Compatible with both Mac & PC
  • 1-click installation

Why We Like It:

This PS Actions bundle is like a treasure trove of tasteful, cinematic effects. We especially recommend it for its flexibility and user-friendly features. The incredible range of color grading presets makes achieving both stylish retro looks and modern photo aesthetics a breeze. Additionally, the inclusion of an instruction manual makes this pack a valuable asset to both seasoned professionals and beginners alike.