50 Retrovibe Lightroom LUTs & Presets

DNG presets are compatible with Lightroom's free version.

With the 50 Retrovibe Lightroom LUTs & Presets, recreate the charm of the past in your photos. This unique collection of 50 LUTs provides respective color gradients that'll let you blend, twist, and tweak your imaging settings to resemble the retro era. The package includes both LUTs and Lightroom presets, providing you a versatile toolkit for distinctive output.

Offering an aesthetic reminiscent of the bygone days, these presets are designed to give your photos an authentic vintage touch. Crowd-sourced from actual retro photographs, these presets deliver an amazing experience that would be challenging to replicate via Lightroom. With an impressive collection of 50 different presets, you are bound to find the perfect match for each of your photos.

The support for TRUE Lightroom mobile enhances convenience, offering both DNG presets and native mobile presets. DNG presets are compatible with Lightroom's free version. If you possess a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, use the native presets to access opacity support and automatic syncing to your mobile.

Details & Features

  • 50 vintage inspired Lightroom presets & LUTs
  • Support for TRUE Lightroom Mobile
  • Native and DNG mobile presets available
  • Highly compatible with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve and more
  • Proximity for real vintage photos sampling
  • Availability of PDF Installation Guide

Why We Like It

The 50 Retrovibe Lightroom LUTs & Presets is an invaluable toolset for photographers and graphic designers. We love how it allows creative minds to transport back in time, delivering a delightful vintage touch to their creations, while maintaining the details and quality intact. The TRUE Lightroom mobile support also offers users unprecedented flexibility, perfect for those requiring permanent image alteration solutions on the go.