50 Travel Filmmaker Lightroom Presets

It fully supports TRUE Lightroom mobile, allowing you to make modifications on-the-go via your phone.

Are you an avid traveler who enjoys capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of different locales on camera? Look no further! Lightroom’s 50 Travel Filmmaker Presets pack is the perfect assistant for every travel photographer or an Instagram blogger. This comprehensive bundle encompasses a varied range of effects and filters, specially designed to elevate and augment your nature and travel photos. These highly versatile presets are adjustable and run smoothly on both mobile and desktop versions of Lightroom.

The Travel Filmmaker presets promise to add a contemporary touch to your photography with its filmic tones and striking color dynamics. Inspired by the latest trends, this pack comprises 50 unique presets to impeccably enrich your travel photos and videos. It fully supports TRUE Lightroom mobile, allowing you to make modifications on-the-go via your phone. Embedded with fast-rendering profiles, it ensures seamless user operation, particularly while adjusting opacity.

Video LUTs within the presets are compatible with multiple software including Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve, and others. They are backed by high-end color science from VOXCOLOR, offering an unmatched smooth tone experience. Even if you wish to pile up multiple LUTs, you will find the process stress-free due to their optimized performance.

Details & Features

  • Effortless compatibility with True Lightroom Mobile and Desktop
  • Convenient Opacity/Amount Slider
  • Fast-Rendering Profiles for smooth edits
  • Skin Tone Protection courtesy of VOXCOLOR's color science
  • No outdated LR4/5/6/CC7 lrtemplate files

Why We Like It

From a portable sun-soaked beach to a bursting sunset atop a hill, travel photography is all about presenting the true essence of the destination. We recommend the 50 Travel Filmmaker Presets for its incredible capacity to impart a vibrant glow to your photos. Its all-embracing range ensures your work always stands out, making every journey truly unforgettable.