50 Tropical Lightroom LUTs & Presets

It's a rich, vibrant bundle of presets, each one distinct and uniquely crafted.

Take your photo editing skills to new heights with our collection of 50 Tropical Lightroom LUTs & Presets. Designed meticulously to enhance your travel and beach photos with impeccable vibrancy and color, these presets are your ticket to breathtaking imagery. Available in Lightroom mobile and desktop preset formats, as well as LUT file formats, these effects provide enormous flexibility to photographers. Give your captures a sparkling makeover and transform them into awe-inspiring, picture-perfect shots.

50 Tropical Lightroom LUTs & Presets invites you to a visual journey through paradisiacal tropical beaches, weaving magic into your photos with filmic tones and travel-inspired colors. Popular among influencers and social media enthusiasts, these presets highlight the natural beauty of your skin. Our innovative TRUE Lightroom mobile presets allow you to edit photos on the go and post striking images directly from your mobile device.

The collection further breaks the mold by excluding outdated LR4/5/6/CC7 lrtemplate files, equipping you with only the best cutting-edge tools for your photography exploits. It's a rich, vibrant bundle of presets, each one distinct and uniquely crafted. With these presets at your fingertips, every photograph is an opportunity to tell a vibrant, colorful story.

Details & Features

  • True Lightroom Mobile and Desktop Support
  • Opacity/Amount Slider for superior control
  • Fast-Rendering Profiles for efficient editing
  • Skin Tone Protection feature (Color Science by VOXCOLOR)
  • Excludes outdated LR4/5/6/CC7 lrtemplate files
  • Bundle includes 50 diverse presets
  • Compatible with both Apple iOS and Android Devices

Why We Like It

We love this collection for its aesthetic diversity and charm. The 50 Tropical Lightroom LUTs & Presets offer a broad spectrum of colors and effects. They're versatile and intuitive, allowing you to effortlessly refine your images. The added skin protection feature enhances natural beauty, making this bundle an absolute must-have for everyone - from budding photographers to established influencers.