500 Line Icons for Adobe XD

When designing digital graphics, the resource toolkit makes all the difference.

When designing digital graphics, the resource toolkit makes all the difference. This 500 Line Icons bundle, designed explicitly for Adobe XD users, is one such powerful addition. Ideal for web, mobile, and digital graphics design, this comprehensive set of colorful line icons offers immense creative possibilities.

Developed by a dedicated team of designers, this bundle includes 250 colored icons and an equal number of black and white counterparts. A distinct originality marks these icons making them perfect for projects where a touch of elegance is desired. These icons are geared towards making your work stand out, leaving your clients truly impressed.

A noteworthy feature of this 500 Line Icons pack is the meticulous organization of the icons. They are not just well-organized, but also named conveniently, thus saving precious design time. Crafted with love, this set is a testament to the creators' commitment to quality and user experience.

Details & Features

  • Massive collection of 500 icons
  • Includes 250 colored and 250 black & white icons
  • Available in multiple formats: AI, PSD, PNG, SVG
  • Can be used for web, mobile, and digital graphic designs
  • Well organized and conveniently named
  • Incorporates elements of originality and elegance

Why We Like It

The 500 Line Icons bundle for Adobe XD stands out with its unique blend of aesthetics and functionality. We recommend it for its comprehensive range, original design, and user-friendly organization. It's a practical asset that not only enhances design projects but also elevates the whole designer experience.