80 Map & Navigation Icons for Adobe XD

These features make it an asset for any designer's toolkit.

Navigating the digital world requires intuitive design, particularly when it comes to maps and location-based interfaces. Catering to this need, the creators have developed a set of 80 Map & Navigation Icons for Adobe XD. These are specifically designed to enhance the user interface of mobile and web apps, making navigation easier and more streamlined for users.

The highlight of this pack is the versatility of the icons. It brings together a thoughtful variety of symbols related to maps and navigation. From map pins and road signs to forest and speed trap icons, the creators have left no stone unturned in covering the most aspects relevant for app and website designs. The icons are beautifully crafted and fully editable, allowing for customization to fit seamlessly with your design.

Being 100% vector, these icons are easy to manipulate without losing resolution. Whether you need to resize or recolor, these high-quality icons will remain crisp and vibrant. What’s more, the files are well-organized for efficient use. The package includes AI, EPS10, SVG, PSD, and PNG files in two different sizes to suit different design needs.

Details & Features

  • 80 unique, high-quality map icons
  • Fully editable and customizable
  • Files are well-organized for easy access
  • 100% vector icons maintain resolution when resized
  • Includes AI, EPS10, SVG, PSD, and PNG Files
  • Two different PNG sizes: 256x256 and 512x512

Why We Like It

We appreciate this icon set because it combines visual appeal with functionality. The versatility of the icons, coupled with their high-quality and customizable nature, makes them an ideal tool for improving the user experience of any navigation-based app or website. These features make it an asset for any designer's toolkit.