A5 Horizontal Brochure Mockups

A5 Horizontal Brochure Mockups
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Editing is quick and seamless with smart objects.

The A5 Horizontal Brochure Mockups is a versatile asset for presenting landscaped A5 brochures in a creative manner. Packed with nine unique, high-quality views and styles, these mockups provide an effortless platform for your designs. They are designed to accommodate different backgrounds, varnish additions, and other adjustments using smart objects, ultimately helping showcase your brochure concept in an appealing way.

A5 Brochure Mock-up 2 in the pack is an advanced, user-friendly tool. It comes with all the features you need to realize a realistic representation of your design project. The mockup assures a good look for both bright and dark designs and offers a perfect fit to your shape. It's built for easy navigation with well-labeled layers and comes with a friendly help file to assist in its usage.

Crafted for quality, these mockups offer photorealistic presentations that will sway your clients. They allow for the movement and scaling of elements, as well as adding and editing of selective varnish. Compatible with Photoshop CS 5 or higher, they provide a 4000 ×2670 pixel resolution in 300 dpi quality. Editing is quick and seamless with smart objects. The organized layers and folders, substitutable background, and automatic background perspective are other notable features.

Details & Features

  • Nine high-quality views and styles
  • Possibility to move and scale elements
  • Option to add and edit selective varnish
  • Compatibility with Photoshop CS 5 or higher
  • High resolution of 4000 ×2670 pixels in 300 dpi quality
  • Quick, easy editing through smart objects
  • Organized Layers and folders for efficient navigation

Why We Like It

The A5 Horizontal Brochure Mockups are a personal favourite due to their advanced features yet easy usability. They provide immense room for creativity and the high resolution ensures the output is of top-notch quality. These mockups help make initial client presentations more effective and impactful. The added convenience of organised layers and folders further amplifies its appeal.