American Signer Font

American Signer Font
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It beautifully captures the raw authenticity and vintage charm of traditional brush lettering.

The American Signer font is a captivating brush script typeface, meticulously inspired by classic 1980's Sign Painting. It beautifully captures the raw authenticity and vintage charm of traditional brush lettering. The entire font was forged directly from actual brush strokes before being methodically digitized, producing a truly unique lettering style that can effortlessly bring a touch of classical sign painting craftsmanship to any design project.

Brimming with heart and versatility, American Signer doesn't just stop at delivering exceptional basic characters. This font suite also includes a wide array of ligatures, swashes, and alternate characters that greatly enhance its utility. The flourishing extras make it an ideal font for creating distinctive logos, badges, packaging, certificates, labels, and infusing any design project with a sense of nostalgic beauty.

American Signer not only harks back to the artistry of 80's sign painting but is also a testament to modern design innovation. Its impressive compatibility with digital formats and adaptability across different media platforms further underscores its robustness. Truly, this font offers a unique amalgamation of the charm of the past and the flexibility of the present.

Details & Features

  • Inspired by 1980's Sign Painting
  • Includes ligatures, alternate characters, and swashes
  • Perfect for designing logos, labels, and other vintage style items
  • Digital compatibility across different platforms
  • Based on actual brush strokes
  • Comprehensive digitization process for authenticity

Why We Like It

American Signer font offers a unique blend of traditional charm and contemporary utility. The display of 1980's Sign Painting inspiration, matched with the inclusive features and digital compatibility, makes it uniquely adaptable to various design projects, infusing them with an air of vintage elegance that is sure to stand out.