Animated Phone Mockup

Animated Phone Mockup
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It’s not just the animation we love, but also the ease of use it provides.

Our Animated Phone Mockup offers an engaging twist on traditional screen mockups like you've never seen before. Now, not only you can showcase your designs in a sleek, professional manner, but you can add a dynamic touch by animating your presented screens. This layer of movement gives your work an extra edge when capturing the window-shopper's eye, making it stand out amongst a sea of static designs.

The Animated Phone Mockup not only provides a fresh and cutting-edge platform for your designs, but also comes in an easy-to-use package. By having both static and animated versions in separate PSD files, the process of implementing your design into the Mockup becomes incredibly simple. A double-click, a copy and a paste; that's all that stands between you and a truly attractive showcase of your hard work.

Once you get hands-on with our product, you'll appreciate the time it saves. Whether you're a major brand or a solo designer, this pack of exquisite mockups allows you to create an eye-catching presentation without wasting any time. However, please bear in mind that animations can't be previewed, so you'll need to download the files to experience the magic.

Details & Features

  • Comes with 5 different mockups
  • Includes a static and an animated version for each mockup
  • Smart objects make it easy to paste in your designs
  • Availble in PSD format
  • Files compatible with Photoshop CS4 (for static) and Photoshop CS6 Extended (for animated) or later versions
  • Clear and illustrative user guide included

Why We Like It

The Animated Phone Mockup changes the game in the world of design exhibit, opening up opportunities for dynamic presentations. It’s not just the animation we love, but also the ease of use it provides. It’s perfect for designers who want to break the monotony and showcase their work in an engaging, time-efficient manner.