Antwerpen Brochure Template

Antwerpen Brochure Template
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Flaunt your creativity effortlessly with the Antwerpen Brochure Template.

Flaunt your creativity effortlessly with the Antwerpen Brochure Template. This unique InDesign template is specifically crafted for those in the creative business, encapsulating a chic, professional design artwork with an array of stylish shapes scattered throughout. The template gives you easy control over 24-page layouts, and allows you to personalize each page to your needs.

The Antwerpen Brochure Template is a flexible partner for your project. Available in A4 size, this 24-page template can easily be printed, or exported and sent as a pdf to your clients. Customizing it is as easy as replacing the logo and brand colors, with the editable colors, paragraphs and formatting making it yours in no time.

With compatibility ranging from Adobe Indesign CS4 to CS6 & CC, this brochure template is the epitome of versatility. It includes an .IDML file, supports paragraph and character styles, and even offers royalty-free fonts, making your work not just easier, but highly efficient and cost-effective as well.

Details & Features

  • 24 pages Indesign Document
  • A4 size
  • Compatible with Adobe Indesign CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6 & CC
  • Includes .IDML file
  • Editable brand colors through palette
  • Master Pages, with cover in master page
  • Text and Images on separate layers
  • Uses free fonts

Why We Like It

The Antwerpen Brochure Template bridges creativity and professionalism all in one compact indesign package. It's simple to use, adaptable to personal preferences, supports multiple Adobe versions, and aids in producing a visually appealing, polished output. Whether printed or digitally circulated, it leaves a lasting impression making it an absolute recommendation.