Avalon Font

We love its powerful impact, how it transforms simple text into visually stunning artwork.

Inspired by the brilliant legacy of the late DJ artist Avicii, Avalon font is a creative and geometrically pleasing tribute to the famed electro house icon. The Avalon font is gracefully structured into shapes that seamlessly convey the bold attitude and energetic vibes associated with the artist. It offers a unique and creative approach to designing various artworks, allowing your ideas to transform into visual masterpieces.

Designed with great care, Avalon font reflects a sense of dignified sophistication and modernity. It is the perfect choice for creating logos that want to imbue the fierce energy and vibrance typical of Avicii's music. Furthermore, its diversity extends beyond logos, enhancing the visual allure of T-shirt designs, posters, album covers and various other forms of design.

It’s precise, artistic, and inspired, three words that perfectly sum up the essence of Avalon font. An element of creativity is infused into every curve and line, making it an impressive asset for all forms of design. Avalon font is not just a font, it's a gateway to an array of creative possibilities.

Details & Features

  • Geometric and symmetric font design
  • Inspired by DJ artist Avicii
  • Perfect for logo and emblem designs
  • Ideal for T-shirt designs and poster layouts
  • Includes an array of creative possibilities across different design platforms
  • Unique and energetically stylish
  • Conveys bold attitude and vibrant vibes

Why We Like It

The Avalon font is more than a set of characters, it's a creative tool that echoes the energy and spirit of Avicii. We love its powerful impact, how it transforms simple text into visually stunning artwork. It also offers lots of versatility, making it a must-have for different types of design work.