Azidhor Font

Azidhor Font
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The Azidhor font is a unique, all-caps typeface that boasts a distinctive design. Each letter has a creative flair that is sure to grab attention. The font includes 40 different glyphs and alternative characters, as well as nine logo templates that were created using the same font. This variety of options makes Azidhor an ideal choice for any design project that requires a standout font.

Features of This Font

  • Standard uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation
  • 24 Alternate characters with accent
  • Over 40 Glyphs
  • 9 pre-made logos included

Why We Like It

We love Azidhor for its clean and minimalistic design with strong lines and a balanced overall look. The font’s clean and modern aesthetic makes it well-suited for use in corporate or business contexts, but it can also be used in more creative or artistic projects. The font is also designed to be highly legible, with clear and easy-to-read letterforms. In addition to its design and legibility, the Azidhor typeface also includes a number of advanced typographic features.