Black Ink Backgrounds Vol.4

Black Ink Backgrounds Vol.4
Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to any design toolkit.

Immerse into the captivating world of dark aesthetics with Black Ink Backgrounds Vol.4. This remarkable collection features a chilling horror-themed effect that instantly ramp-up the visual intensity. It is a perfect asset for crafting horror-themed book covers and contrasting blog headers that will confidently turn heads!

Recognize the true magic of Black Ink Backgrounds Vol.4 as they elevate your graphic design projects to new heights. Whether it's for creating mesmerizing cards and invitations, compelling web banners and presentations, or irresistible logos and prints, these handmade backgrounds never fail to show their artful versatility.

The Black Ink Backgrounds Vol.4 comes handily packaged, providing you with an impressive offering of 10 unique backgrounds. These are delivered in JPG format, boasting a resolution of 6000x4000px which ensures exquisite detail and clarity in every use. Ready your design arsenal to transport your audience into a realm of haunting beauty!

Details & Features

  • Unique horror-style effect
  • Perfect for horror-themed projects
  • Versatile use - cards, posters, web, logos
  • Handmade black ink backgrounds
  • Package includes 10 distinct backgrounds
  • High resolution - 6000x4000px, 300 dpi, RGB

Why We Like It

We can't help but appreciate the Black Ink Backgrounds Vol.4 for its dark and hauntingly stylish allure. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to any design toolkit. Moreover, the exquisite detail available in high resolution ensures it won't go unnoticed, making every project stand out.