Blast Cinematic Color LUTs

Blast Cinematic Color LUTs deliver a high-quality, polished aesthetic to your footage.

Blast Cinematic Color LUTs deliver a high-quality, polished aesthetic to your footage. Created to enhance both Log and Rec 709 footage, these LUTs are capable of transforming your visuals with a touch of drama seen in war and cinematic features alike. The pack consists of 25 unique LUTs, perfect for instantly unlocking a broad spectrum of filmic looks with a simple drag and drop.

With a combined total of 67 LUTs, this pack is versatile and user-friendly, ideal for filmmakers, bloggers, social media enthusiasts, and presentation curators. The simplicity lies in the application, import the preset file or directly drag and drop the LUT onto your footage for instant, stunning color grading. No matter the resolution, Blast Cinematic Color LUTs will ensure your work stands out on any platform.

The Blast Cinematic Color LUTs have been successfully used in conjunction with the track "Sport Rock Trailer Big Beat Pack" by BrainMire and are a subset of the "Mega LUTs Bundle". Their efficacy and dynamism make them a must-have for any video editing toolkit.

Details & Features

  • Fully optimized for enhancing Log and Rec 709 footage
  • Total of 67 LUTs (25 Blast LUTs + 42 Log-to-Rec-709 LUTs)
  • Drag-and-drop usage for effortless application
  • Compatible with all resolutions
  • Perfect for films, TV, social videos, presentations, and more
  • Ability to upgrade visuals with a cinematic flair
  • Part of the Mega LUTs Bundle

Why We Like It

We highly recommend the Blast Cinematic Color LUTs for their versatility and competence in delivering a high-quality, cinematic aesthetic to a range of footage. Practical in its diverse application and effortless in its usability, it is adept at transforming mundane footage into visually captivating narratives.