Broken Console Font

Broken Console Font
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The charm of this font extends beyond its noticeable appearance.

Broken Console is a unique font that stands out among its contemporaries. It is a geometric pixel font, creatively interpreted from the pixel art displayed on vintage game consoles. This font caters to those looking for a distinct touch, bringing in a blend of nostalgia and modernism to their work. With three versions available - regular, bold, and shadow, each offers a different yet consistent aesthetic value to your designs.

The real magic of Broken Console lies in its versatility and how well it lends itself to various themes. The techno, retro, cyberpunk, gaming themes are just the start of the list that can be jazzed up with this font. It is an all-caps font, primarily designed to be used for headings and titles where a bold and attention-grabbing font style is required.

The charm of this font extends beyond its noticeable appearance. With this font, you are not bound by the language constraints as it offers multilingual support. It comes with a straightforward installation process and is available in OTF/TTF formats.

Details & Features

  • Available in OTF/TTF formats.
  • Includes all-caps characters, numerals, & punctuation.
  • Designed in three unique styles.
  • Offers multilingual support.
  • Easy and simple installation.

Why We Like It

Broken Console is a font that instantly catches your eye, thanks to its unique letterforms, inspired by broken game consoles. It has a rough yet elegant look, which when combined with the futuristic vibe, gives it a unique charm. The font’s jagged edges and sharp angles make it perfect for designs that needs prominence, hence making it a highly recommended choice.