Brother Typeface

Brother Typeface
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The bonus font, Brightsight02, is an added advantage.

Introducing Brother Typeface - a bold and imaginative display font that will breathe life into your designs. Uniquely crafted, this font is weaved with characteristics of a monogram style. Whether it's for playful entertainment or child-related projects, Brother Typeface is the perfect companion for all your creative endeavors.

With Brother Typeface, you can take your designs to new heights and depths. Be it book covers, headers, or posters, this quirky font bears the charm to make it stand out. Like a versatile actor, this font slips seamlessly into any role - from display text to logos, from album covers to movie titles.

'Pay one get one' - it's an offer you can't refuse! Not only do you get access to the Brother Typeface, but you also receive another font - Brightsight02. With both typefaces offering an assortment of functionalities, your projects are officially future-proof!

Details & Features

  • Brother Typeface in .otf and .ttf formats
  • Brightsight02 in .otf and .ttf formats
  • Includes uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Numerals and punctuations
  • Multi-language support
  • Ligatures
  • PAY ONE GET ONE offer

Why We Like It

We highly recommend the Brother Typeface for its vibrant and dynamic style, making it apt for entertainment or child-related designs. The bonus font, Brightsight02, is an added advantage. The fonts' versatility and myriad features provide a comprehensive toolkit for any designer. It's like having two powerful brushes in your design arsenal.