Bucket Hat Mockup Templates

Bucket Hat Mockup Templates
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That's why we recommend these templates without a doubt.

The Bucket Hat Mockup Templates provides a comprehensive set that allows designers to showcase their designs from versatile perspectives. This pack includes 4 different mockups varying in styles and positions, even including a mockup designed to display a hat hang on a rack. The templates are highly customizable, offering the option to alter the color of stitches for a truly unique presentation.

Each mockup in the set of 4 offers high quality, 3D presentation of your design. The convenience and ease of just placing your design inside the 3D layer and saving the changes gives a quick yet professional result. Note that the mockups do require Photoshop CC 2015 and later, with a recommendation for Photoshop CC 2019. This is due to the design utilizing the 3D functions of Photoshop.

Designers will appreciate the flexibility these mockups provide in effectively showcasing their designs. Be it changing the color of stitches, opting for stitches on the brim, or altering the background color, these mockups lend an edge to any design being presented. Please be aware that fonts and designs in the demonstration image are solely for presentation purposes and are not included in the pack.

Details & Features

  • Changeable Design via 3D Layer
  • Changeable Stitches color
  • Optional Stitches on the brim
  • Changeable Background color
  • High Resolution: 6000x4000px, 300dpi
  • Well organized layers
  • Demonstration video & Help Files

Why We Like It

We value the Bucket Hat Mockup Templates for its versatility and detailed customization options. The array of mock-ups allows designers to best showcase their works, providing distinct professional quality. Not to mention the ease of use and how it caters to diverse aesthetic preferences; it just ticks all the right boxes. That's why we recommend these templates without a doubt.